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Batzner Bed Bug Services

Bed bugs were commonly found many years ago. Then for about 25 years, they didn’t pose a problem. But, now these nighttime visitors have again emerged to feast on blood from sleeping humans.

The bed bug primarily bites humans, but can feed on any warm-blooded animal, including birds, mice and pets. It’s usually just under a quarter-inch long, brown or reddish brown, and relatively flat. It’s able to crawl into very small crevices in and around human living spaces. These include between mattresses, seams in bed linens, upholstery, behind wood trim, inside electrical boxes, in floors, behind wallpaper and in other spaces close to a potential meal. A female can lay 10-20 eggs per week (500-1000 eggs per year).

An infestation doesn’t necessarily mean there are unclean or unsanitary living conditions.  Even highly regarded multi-unit establishments in the USA have had bed bug infestations lately, probably because of domestic and international travel. The Batzner Bed Bug Services team is here to serve from Green Bay, to Milwaukee, to Northbrook.

The Batzner Difference...

  • One dedicated handler ensures accurate and efficient inspections, 3x more accurate than humans.
  • Our canine only alerts to live bed bugs and viable eggs. Canines that alert to dead bugs cannot confirm if an infestation has been eliminated.
  • Batzner’s 3 step exclusive Bed Bug Elimination Program
    • Initial inspection to identify infested areas. Our detection services will also help to eliminate or minimize the need to pay for treatment in rooms that are not affected.
    • Treatment - A treatment plan is determined and performed customized on the situation.
    • Post treatment inspection. We inspect the property to assure you the problem has been eliminated.
  • Full services available (canine scent detection, chemical, heat, and fumigation).
  • Proactive services.
  • Scientifically proven Bed Bug Dog Detection to identify the presence of bed bugs in your property!
  • Local, family owned and operated in the Milwaukee area for over 65 years.
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