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Batzner Solves Cluster Fly Problems Six Stories High

It’s a very unique time of the year at Batzner, as we are currently under way with our annual Cluster Fly Week. While no two weeks of work in the pest control industry are the same, this week is exceptional as it is the only time we offer our specialty cluster fly treatment. This service involves equipment and treatment methods different from any other service we perform; specifically, it involves a lift truck and sending a Service Professional up to six stories off the ground!

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Batzner Explains Mysterious Appearance of Ants in the Basement

When people see ants in their house, it is usually assumed that they are foraging for food – and in many cases this assumption is correct. With pavement ants, however, food is almost never the primary driving factor.

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Customer Spotlight: Camp Hometown Heroes

Batzner Pest Control supported Camp Hometown Heroes by donating services before camp started, and we urge you to support this excellent cause. This worthwhile organization provides summer camp for children and siblings of fallen U.S. military members. They are always in need of volunteers and donations.

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