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Commercial Pest Control

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Commercial Pest Control

Even before reaching the door of your business, the trained eyes of your certified Batzner pest control representative begins to pick up clues of what you may require.

And after consulting with you about any particular concerns you have, the Batzner service professional will perform a thorough evaluation of both the interior and exterior of your facilities.

Then, you will be receive a detailed analysis and explanation of all the Batzner's total pest control service programs available to enhance the safety and peace of mind of your employees and anyone who visits your premises.

Batzner is prepared to protect all types of establishments, including:

By taking a proactive approach ― to prevent pests BEFORE they become a threat or nuisance ― we can also offer suggestions on sanitation improvements or structural modifications to decrease the potential of pest survival.

Your Partner in Pest Control

After more than 65 years of serving business communities in Wisconsin and Illinois, we have found that the partnerships we have developed with our clients, of keeping them informed of new and effective methods of safe pest control protocols, has insured their continued satisfaction with the services we provide.

But that's not all

When needed, Batzner offers the following additional services:

  • Bioremediation
  • Flying Insect Program
  • General Insect Program
  • Rodent Management
  • Asian Lady Beetle Program
  • Stinging Insect Program
  • Cluster Fly Program
  • Exterior Crawling Insect Program
  • Boxelder Bug Program

These services, along with our exclusive B.A.N. System™ programs, can help prevent an infestation or eliminate an existing problem, quickly and effectively.

You can place your confidence in us and our promise to keep your working environment pest-free.

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