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Batzner 24th Annual Food Safety and
Pest Management Seminar is April 10, 2014!

This spring marks our 24th Annual Food Safety and Pest Management Seminar.  We are pleased that Dr. Robert Corrigan is returning for his 18th year. Our speakers included Dr. Robert Corrigan, Dan Collins, BCE, Dr. David Drake, Carl Hinderer and Jason Freels. Audience questions are encouraged!

If you are interested in attending this insightful seminar, please call our office at 262.797.4160 and ask for Cheryl.  We look forward to seeing you there!Batzner's Sanitation Seminar

These are just a few of the wonderful comments that we received from past attendees:

“Bobby Corrigan was great as always."

“Dr. Corrigan was very interesting and entertaining!”

“I appreciate the relevancy of the handouts and will add them to the training of our staff.”

“All the speakers had very informative, educational information.”


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