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Pharaoh Ant

Parallel lines on head and thorax.

Pale yellow to reddish body, and black shading on the top.

1/10 inch long

They can nest in wall voids, cabinets, boxes of food, and any other accessible crevices and spaces. Re-invasion of the structure can occur throughout warm parts of the year.

Interesting Facts
Antennae of 12 segments

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Pest Database : Ants : Pharaoh Ant

What does a pharaoh ant look like?

Pharaoh ants are usually only around 1/16" long. Unlike other dark-colored ants, pharaoh ants have a light yellow to reddish brown color. Pharaoh ants also have three segments in their body. A crazy fact about these ants is that their thorax has no spine.

How did the pharaoh ant invade my home/business?

Pharaoh ants are most commonly found in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and apartments. The pharaoh ant nests in warm, hard-to-reach locations in walls, subfloors, wall sockets, attics, cracks, crevices,
behind baseboards, and furniture. Areas of concern can include hot water pipes, bathrooms, kitchens, intensive care units, etc. They can enter from the outdoors or may be carried inside in packages, furniture, etc. These trail-making ants will be found foraging through unsanitary places quite often.

How can I tell if I have pharaoh ants?

Most often, you can't miss the signs of a pharaoh ant infestation. They can often be seen in trailing ant patterns sometimes resembling moving veins on the walls of a property.  Pharaohs ants can sometimes be found trailing to & from pet food or bins that they may use as a foodsource.

What do pharaoh ants eat?

Pharaoh ants will eat other insects, but they prefer meats or greases. They will also feed on sugars, fruit juices and sweets.

Can pharaoh ants harm my family or employees?

Pharaoh ants that invade hospitals pose the most harm to humans. Because pharaoh ants have a knack for "getting into" things, they can typically transmit multiple pathogenic pathogens to patients.

Can pharaoh ants cause damage to my property?

Pharaoh ants rarely cause damage to buildings, although they can be a nuisance since nests can be difficult to eliminate.

How does Batzner get rid of pharaoh ants?

Batzner Pest Management uses baits to treat Pharaoh ants. These are placed in areas where ants are active and where they are inaccessible to children and pets.

The bait is carried back to the nests by the worker ants, where it is fed to the entire colony.

It is important that you do not wash areas where ants have been sighted or where baits have been placed, as
this will reduce the effects of the bait and interfere with the process of the treatment program.

Pharaoh ant control is a cooperative process. First, a key factor in encouraging the ants to feed on the bait is the elimination of all other food sources through good sanitation. Second, it is important to notify us of the location of any Pharaoh ant sightings.

What steps can I take to control or prevent pharaoh ants myself?

Some helpful prevention tips:

  • Do not leave pet food out all day.
  • Store opened food products in sealed containers.
  • Wash dishes daily (dirty dishes and utensils can provide a food source for ants).
  • Clean up crumbs and spills promptly. Use garbage containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Use garbage containers with tight-fitting lids, and empty garbage containers regularly.
  • Basically, keep it clean.
  • Do not use ant or bug sprays. These can cause the nests to split and actually cause more of a problem.