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Hard-bodied, flattened vertically. Hind legs enlarged enabling jumping.

Usually dark colored, reddish-brown

1/16 to 1/8 inch long.

Dark places like sand, cracks and crevices, and bedding. Temperatures for the flea's life cycle are 70°F to 85°F.

Interesting Facts
A flea can jump vertically up to 7 inches and horizontally up to 200 times their own body length.

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Pest Database : Biting Insects : Flea


  • Excellent jumpers, leaping vertically up to 7 inches and horizontally 13 inches
  • Fleas are typically found where animals sleep or frequent
  • Adults usually attach to a preferred host species(ie: cat, dog, human etc.)
  • Flea bites may cause pain lasting a few minutes, hours or days depending on the host's sensitivity to the bite


  • Larvae: Digested blood from adult flea feces, dead skin, hair, feathers and other organic debris
  • Adults: blood sucked from host