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German Cockroach

They have two distinct parallel bands running the length of their pronotum.

Light to medium brown with two dark streaks on body

About 5/8 inches in length

Commonly found in and around apartments, homes, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Interesting Facts
Often litter food or food products with their feces and defensive secretions.

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Pest Database : Cockroaches : German Cockroach


  • Nocturnal Prefer to live close to food, moisture and warmth
  • Most common roach found in apartments, homes, food stores and restaurants
  • Fertile breeders
  • There can be heavy infestations
  • Largest circulation of all roaches in the United States
  • Commonly introduced via paper products such as grocery bags and paper cartons as well as used appliances

German cockroaches are scavengers and will eat almost anything.