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Boxelder Bug

Black with orange or red markings, wings lay flat over their bodies, overlapping to form an “X”.

Black with orange or red markings

About ½ inch long

Protected areas including leafy mulch around boxelder and other trees, in homes, or other structures.

Interesting Facts
They can congregate on the south and west sides of buildings on warm days.

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Pest Database : Occasional Invaders : Boxelder Bug

What does a Boxelder Bug look like?

Boxelder bugs are black with orange or red markings, including 3 stripes behind the head (thorax).  Their wings lay flat over their bodies, overlapping to form an “X”.

Can boxelder bugs harm my family or employees?

Boxelder bugs are not harmful to humans, but they can be a serious nuisance if they get inside of your home or business.  Their excrement can leave stains on light color siding, curtains, walls, and other surfaces. 

How can I tell if I have boxelder bugs?

Boxelder bugs can be found on light colored siding or surfaces facing the south or west, directly in the sun.  When the weather starts to cool down, boxelder bugs try to find their way into spaces and cracks around homes and other buildings.  They will usually be most visable around windows in the interior of buildings.

How does Batzner get rid of boxelder bugs?

Your Batzner pest control professional will come to your property to identify the source of the boxelder bugs and determine the proper treatment method.

What steps can I take to control or prevent boxelder bugs myself?

Prevent boxelder bugs from entering your home or business in the first place by sealing off all entry points to the building outdoors.  This includes areas where phone lines, cable TV wires, and other pipes and vents enter buildings.  Repair or replace any damaged window or door screens, screens in roof vents and in bathroom and kitchen fans.