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Entire body appear and feel fuzzy due to their "hairs" named pile.

Black and yellow body hairs, often in bands.

Size ranges from 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch.

Bumble bee nests may be found within tunnels in the ground made by other animals, or in tussock grass.

Interesting Facts
Some species have orange or red on their bodies, or may be entirely black.

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Pest Database : Stinging Insects : Bumble Bee

What does a bumble bee look like?

Bumble bees are about 1 inch in length. The have black and yellow stripes and are hairy.

Can bumble bees harm my family or employees?

Bumble bees and non-aggressive unless provoked. If they feel threatened, they will chase invaders for a considerable distance. A bumble bee sting is one of the most painful and they have the ability to sting more than once.

How can I tell if I have bumble bees?

Bumble bees usually nest in the ground or under flat objects like stones, decks, and tarps. They will also build nests in soffits or attics.

How does Batzner get rid of bumble bees?

Your Batzner pest control professional will come to your property to identify the nesting sites and determine the proper treatment method. Depending on the time of year, it may be best to remove the nest when the bees are over-wintering and perform a preventative exterior treatment.

What steps can I take to control or prevent bumble bees myself?

Bumble bees are beneficial insects because the pollinate plants and flowers. In most cases, bumble bees go out of their way to avoid human contact but will sting if they are provoked or feel the need to defend themselves. If the bees are threatening the safety of you, your employees, or family, please call a pest control specialist.