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Yellow Jacket

Have yellow or white on the face.

Black and yellow alternating bands on the abdomen; Some are black and white.

Worker 0.5 in Long - Queen 0.75 in Long

Found anyplace humans can be found. Near recycling bins / areas where sugars are common.

Interesting Facts
Yellowjackets are not covered with tan-brown dense hair. They have a lance-like stinger

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Pest Database : Stinging Insects : Yellow Jacket

What does a yellow jacket look like?

Yellow jackets are yellow and black with a pattern that resembles stripes on their abdomen. They are approximately ½ inch in length.

Can yellow jackets harm my family or employees?

Yellow jackets are aggressive and will attack anyone who invades their space. They carry venom that makes stings hurt, itch, or swell. Some people develop hives, difficulty breathing or swallowing, and should seek medical attention immediately. Stinging insects send over 500,000 people to the emergency room each year.

How can I tell if I have yellow jackets?

Yellow jackets nest outdoors in the ground, hollow logs, or abandoned rodent burrows. They will also nest in structures, typically in attics crawl spaces, wall voids, and foundations. All they need is a crack in which to enter, and they will be silently at work. Buildings with cedar shake roofs or siding are particularly at risk.
Each spring yellow jackets build new nests. Above ground nests are dull brown or grey, and papery in appearance. Nests can range in size and the size of the nest increases as time progresses. Nests will eventually be the size of a soccer ball.

How does Batzner get rid of yellow jackets?

Your Batzner pest control professional will come to your property to identify the nesting sites and determine the proper treatment method. Once treatment is applied it may take up to 72 hours to see a reduction in activity at the nesting site. A preventative exterior treatment is also available to deter yellow jackets from building nests in your eaves, soffits, and peaks.

What steps can I take to control or prevent yellow jackets myself?

There are do-it-yourself products available, but yellow jackets become very aggressive and will defend their nests when disturbed. Ground nesting yellow jackets are more difficult to locate and control because the nest may be far away from the opening.