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Drywood Termite

6 legs and soft bodies; during the winged stage, they can have 4 equal sized wings

Pale brown to white-beige

Can be up to 1/4 to 3/8 inch in length

Colonies created in wood

Interesting Facts
Social with colonies consisting of kings, queens and soldiers

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Pest Database : Termites : Drywood Termite

What does a Drywood Termite look like?

Most drywood termites are ΒΌ to 3/8 inch long and are white to beige in color. Some drywood termites have a large brownish heads and enlarged jaws. These termites defend the colony against invaders.
As drywood termite colonies mature, winged swarmers are produced to leave and establish new colonies.

Are Drywood termites harmful to my family or employees?

While drywood termites do not bite or carry any diseases transmittable to humans, the damage they cause to buildings and structure can be dangerous due the structural weakness.

Drywood termites enter structures through attics, eaves or fascia boards, under siding, and in cracks and joints of exposed wood trim around windows and door frames.

How do I know if I have an infestation?

Typically, the first sign of a drywood termite infestation is the presence of fecal pellets. Drywood termites live almost their entire life cycle in the wood they consume. They construct round holes in the infested wood, and push fecal pellets out of nest through these holes. Fecal pellets are mostly tan in color with some black pellets mixed in.

Other signs include seeing winged drywood termites inside a building, or finding damaged wood with tunnels or galleries.

How do I get rid of Drywood termites?

Inspection of your property by a trained pest control professional is the first step in eradicating drywood termites from your property. Your pest control professional will be able to identify the extent of the damage and recommend the proper treatment.

What can I do to prevent Drywood termites?

Eliminating moisture problems can help prevent drywood termites. Repair leaking faucets and water pipes, eliminate standing water near the property, replace rotten or damaged wood, and do not store firewood or scrap wood within 20 feet of your property.