Asian lady beetle


Oval shape; Most have black spots; M-shaped marking behind its head.


Ranges from pale orange, to yellow, red or (rarely) black in color.


About 1/3 inch long.


Feed on aphids found in trees, crops and gardens. Seeks out tall or prominent buildings adjacent to wooded areas in fall.

Interesting facts

Commonly mistaken for the ladybug; native of eastern Asia.

How does Batzner get rid of multicolored Asian lady beetles?

A Batzner Service Professional will come to your property to identify the source of the multicolored Asian lady beetles and determine the proper treatment method. Batzner Pest Control’s Asian Lady Beetle Program is precisely designed to help control these pest infestations. Fall is the time to help prevent Asian Lady Beetles from using your building or home as a refuge for the coming winter season. With the onset of cooler temperatures in autumn, these insects congregate on buildings in search of overwintering sites. To prevent pest entry, treatment must be applied before the insects begin to enter buildings during late September or early October to be effective. Once the pests have entered the building, treatments can be done in Winter or Spring. The most effective pest management option is prevention. Prevention is the key!

What steps can I take to control or prevent multicolored Asian lady beetles myself?

Prevent multicolored Asian lady beetles from entering your home or business in the first place by sealing off all entry points to the building outdoors. This includes areas where phone lines, cable TV wires, and other pipes and vents enter buildings. Repair or replace any damaged window or door screens, screens in roof vents and in bathroom and kitchen fans.

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