Norway Rat


Their nose is blunt and their ears are small. The tail is scaly and shorter than its head and body combined.


Brownish and scattered black in color, but have a whitish gray underbelly.


13 to 18 inches long including its tail.


They burrow to make nests under buldings, beneath concrete slabs, around ponds and in garbage dumps.

Interesting Facts

Constitutes a menace to public health.

How does Batzner get rid of Norway Rats?

Using a combination of treating burrows and bait placements, a Batzner Service Professional will decide the proper course of action to eliminate the problem.

What steps can I take to control or prevent Norway Rats myself?

The best way to control a norway rat population is to prevent them from getting in. Simple preventative steps and minor repairs will block entry ways and prevent mice and other pests from coming inside.

  • Replace broken windows
  • Keep your building or home clean -- Wash dishes and cooking utensils, and clean spilled food from food preparation areas and floors immediately. Also, dispose of any trash and clutter.
  • Caulk around utility/service pipes
  • Weather strip around doors
  • Mend broken windows
  • Repair cracks or openings in the foundation
  • Screen all vents
  • Check (or replace) floor drains and cover with wire mesh
  • Remove items that are potential nesting sites -- Remove stacks of newspapers, storage and cardboard boxes from shelves and floors. Mice can leap 12 inches vertically.
  • Remove weeds and vegetation from exterior perimeters of buildings

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