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(M)SDS and Labels

Product Manufacturer EPA# MSDS Label
221L BASF 499-473 MSDS Label
338B BASF 499-492 MSDS Label
Advance 375A Select Ant Bait BASF 499-370 MSDS Label
Advance Cockroach Gel Whitmire-Microgen 499-507 MSDS Label
Advance Dual Choice 360A BASF 499-459 MSDS Label
Advion Ant Bait Arena Syngenta 100-1485 MSDS Label
Advion Ant Gel Syngenta 100-1498 MSDS Label
Advion Ant Gel Du Pont 352-746 MSDS Label
Advion Cockroach Bait Arena Syngeta 100-1486 MSDS Label
Advion Cockroach Bait Arena Du Pont 352-668 MSDS Label
Advion Cockroach Gel Syngeta 100-1484 MSDS Label
Advion Cockroach Gel Du Pont 352-652 MSDS Label
Advion IG Du Pont 352-651 MSDS Label
Apicide Mystic 36272-14 MSDS Label
Allure MD Whitmire-Microgen 73813-3-499 MSDS Label
Alpine Aerosol Whitmire-Microgen 499-531 MSDS Label
Alpine Ant Gel Whitmire-Microgen 499-537 MSDS Label
Alpine Cockroach Gel Whitmire-Microgen 499-507 MSDS Label
Alpine Dust Whitmire-Microgen 499-527 MSDS Label
Alpine Flea BASF 499-540 MSDS Label
Alpine WSG Whitmire-Microgen 499-561 MSDS Label
Arilon Du Pont 352-776 MSDS Label
Avert Dry Flowable BASF 499-294 MSDS Label
Avert Gel Whitmire-Microgen 499-410 MSDS Label
Avitrol Avitrol Corporation 11649-7 MSDS Label
Bedlam Plus MGK 1021-2659 MSDS Label
Bifenthrin TI SPECKoZ 279-3206-72113 MSDS Label
BioGel Pest West N/A MSDS  
BioMop American Bio Systems N/A MSDS  
Blue Streak / Muscacide Farnam 270-255 MSDS Label
BP-50 Whitmire-Microgen 499-453 MSDS Label
CB-40 FMC 279-3397 MSDS Label
CB-80 FMC 279-3393 MSDS Label
CimeXa Rockwell Labs 73079-12 MSDS Label
Clear Zone 1 Whitmire-Microgen 499-444 MSDS Label
Conquer Paragon 1021-1641-57076 MSDS Label
Contrac Meal Bell Laboratories 12455-36 MSDS Label
Cy-Kick Pressurized Residual Whitmire-Microgen 499-470 MSDS Label
Cynoff FMC 279-3259 MSDS Label
DeltaDust Bayer 432-772 MSDS Label
Ditrac Bell Laboratories 12455-56 MSDS Label
Drax PF Waterbury 9444-135 MSDS Label
D-Force Insecticide FMC 279-9554 MSDS Label
D-Sect Glue Boards Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS  
D-Sect Invite Liquid Lure Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS  
D-Sect Invite Moth Lure Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS  
Dual Choice Whitmire-Microgen 499-459 MSDS Label
Dual Choice 360A Whitmire-Microgen 499-496 MSDS Label
EcoADJUVANT EcoSmart Exempt MSDS Label
EcoEXEMPT EcoSmart Exempt MSDS Label
EcoPCO WP X EcoSMART Technologies, Inc. 67425-25 MSDS Label
Ecosorb iAQ Gel OMI Industries N/A MSDS  
End Zone FMC 8033-114-279 MSDS Label
Envirobac JI Holcomb N/A MSDS  
Essentria IC3 Envincio N/A MSDS Label
Fastrac Pellets Bell Laboratories 12455-137 MSDS Label
FDB-6 Super Augmen BioStim N/A MSDS  
Fenvastar EcoCap LG International 71532-28-73006 MSDS Label
FastOut Foam Whitmire-Microgen 499-523 MSDS Label
Final Soft Bait Bell Labs 12455-139 MSDS Label
FirstStrike Soft Rodent Bait Liphatech 7173-258 MSDS Label
For-The-Birds Bird Repellent JT Eaton 8254-5-56 MSDS Label
For-The-Birds II Bird Repellent JT Eaton 1621-17-56 MSDS Label
Fumi-Cell Strip Degesch America 72959-7 MSDS Label
Generation Liphatech 7173-218 MSDS Label
Generation BlueMax Liphatech 7173-236 MSDS Label
Generation BlueMax Meal Liphatech 7173-238 MSDS Label
Generation BlueMax Mini Blocks Liphatech 7173-288 MSDS Label
Generation Pellets Liphatech 7173-205 MSDS Label
Generation Pellet Packs Liphatech 7173-211 MSDS Label
Gentrol Wellmark 2724-351 MSDS Label
Gentrol Aerosol Wellmark 2724-484 MSDS Label
Gourmet Innovative Pest Products 73766-1 MSDS Label
Insecto Natural Insecto Products 48598-1-AA MSDS Label
InTice Ant Gel Rockwell Labs 73079-1 MSDS Label
InTice Gelanimo Ant Gel Rockwell Labs 73079-8 MSDS Label
InTice Granular Bait Rockwell Labs 73079-2 MSDS Label
InTice Roach Bait Rockwell Labs 73079-5 MSDS Label
InTice Smart Ant Gel Rockwell Labs 73079-9 MSDS Label
InTice Thiquid Ant Bait Rockwell Labs 73079-7 MSDS Label
InVade Bio Cleaner Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS  
InVade Bio Drain Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS  
InVade Bio Foam Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS  
InVade Bioremediation Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS  
InVade Hot Spot Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS  
InVite Kil Zone Rockwell Labs N/A MSDS  
Invader FMC 279-3395 MSDS Label
KB-4F Drain Line BioStim N/A MSDS  
KB-FF Injection BioStim N/A MSDS  
KB-VF Injection BioStim N/A MSDS  
Konk I P&L / Air Guard 5978-10 MSDS Label
Konk Foam Air Guard 5978-13 MSDS Label
Liqua-Tox II Bell Laboratories 12455-61 MSDS Label
Maki Block Liphatech 7173-202 MSDS Label
Maki Paraffin Block Liphatech 7173-189 MSDS Label
Maki Paraffin Pellets Liphatech 7173-187 MSDS Label
Maki Pellets Pack Liphatech 7173-188 MSDS Label
Matrix Ant & Roach Bait Zoecon 2724-498 MSDS Label
Maxforce Ant Gel Bayer 432-1264 MSDS Label
Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait Bayer 432-1255 MSDS Label
Maxforce FG Bayer 432-1262 MSDS Label
Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait Bayer 432-1460 MSDS Label
Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations Bayer 432-1257 MSDS Label
Maxforce Fly Spot Bait Bayer 432-1455 MSDS Label
Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait Bayer 432-1506 MSDS Label
Maxforce Granular Fly Bait Bayer 432-1375 MSDS Label
Maxforce Select Bayer 432-1259 MSDS Label
Microcare Liquid Whitmire-Microgen 499-233 MSDS Label
MotherEarth D Whitmire-Microgen 499-509 MSDS Label
MRF 2000 Roach Bait Blue Diamond Exterminating & Mfg 54452-2 MSDS Label
Muscastick 24 inch Farnam N/A MSDS  
Nibor-D Nisus 64405-8 MSDS Label
Nisus DSV Nisus 10324-80-64405 MSDS
Nuvan Prostrip AMVAC 5481-553 MSDS Label
NyGuard MGK 1021-1603 MSDS Label
Onslaught Fast Cap MGK 1021-2574 MSDS Label
Pre Empt Liquid Ant Bait Bayer 3125-572 MSDS Label
Phantom BASF 341-392 MSDS Label
Phantom Pressurized BASF 7969-285 MSDS Label
Phostoxin Degesch America 72959-4 / 72959-5 MSDS Label
PI BASF 499-444 MSDS Label
Pro-Control Total Release Whitmire-Microgen 499-465 MSDS Label
Pro-Control Plus Total Release Whitmire-Microgen 499-462 MSDS Label
Prozap Loveland Industries 5481-338-36208 MSDS Label
PT250 Whitmire-Microgen 499-501 MSDS Label
Pyrocide MGK 1021-1424 MSDS Label
Quick Strike Wellmark 2724-461 MSDS Label
Quick Strike Fly Scatter Bait Wellmark 73049-450-2724 MSDS Label
Riptide MGK 1021-1785 MSDS Label
Residual Fogger FMC 279-3389 MSDS Label
Resolv Liphatech 7173-297 MSDS Label
Roundup Weed & Grass Killer RTU Plus Monsanto 71995-33 MSDS Label
Speckoz Evercide MGK 1021-1641-72113 MSDS Label
Stick-A-Fly (Eatons) JT Eaton N/A MSDS  
Storgard Pheromone/Lures Trece, Inc. N/A MSDS  
Suspend Polyzone Bayer 432-1514 MSDS Label
Talstar Insecticide FMC 279-3365 MSDS Label
Talstar One FMC 279-3206 MSDS Label
Talstar PL FMC 279-3168 MSDS Label
Talstar Professional FMC 279-3206 MSDS Label
Talstar XTRA FMC 279-9552 MSDS Label
Tempo SC Bayer 432-1363 MSDS Label
Tempo WP Bayer/Whitmore-Microgen 432-1304 MSDS Label
Temprid SC Bayer 432-1483 MSDS Label
Terad3 Bell Labs 12455-106 MSDS Label
Termidor BASF 7969-210 MSDS Label
Transport GHP FMC 8033-96-279 MSDS Label
Transport Mikron FMC 8033-109-279 MSDS Label
Tri-Die Pressurized Whitmire-Microgen 499-385 MSDS Label
Timbor Nisus 64405-8 MSDS Label
Ultracide BASF 499-404 MSDS Label
Vendetta Plus MGK 1021-2593 MSDS Label
Warehouse Beetle Bullet Lure Insects Limited, Inc. N/A MSDS
Weatherblok XT Syngenta 100-1055 MSDS Label
Weed & Grass Killer 2 Green Thumb 67760-47-9688 MSDS Label
X-Lure RTU JF Oakes/Russel N/A MSDS  
Zenprox Wellmark 2724-804 MSDS Label
ZP Bell Laboratories 12455-16 MSDS Label
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