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Proactive Canine Sweeps

Serving New Berlin and Oshkosh WI

We use our bed bug canines in high traffic areas to find bed bugs before they turn into an infestation. By contracting to have bed bug canines come in at regular intervals, bed bug problems are caught before they are able to take hold and spread into a full-blown infestation.

Detect and Treat Early

Doing proactive sweeps cuts down on heavy infestations by allowing us to detect and treat a problem early on. This reduces the chance of it spreading to more parts of the building, which can be expensive and a hassle for owners and managers to deal with. Overall, the proactive approach is a much more cost-effective way to handle bed bugs in multi-unit properties or high traffic areas. 

“The cost of proactive inspections compared to the cost of eliminating heavy infestations multiple times shows they pay for themselves.”
Randy Rupert, Bed Bug Team Leader

Canine Sweeps

Our highly-trained canine teams perform sweeps in the following critical areas where bed bugs are likely to be found:

  • In dorms, apartments, and hotels, including rooms, hallways, and lobbies where there are many people coming and going. Particular attention is paid to the bed area and furniture where sleeping or sitting may often occur.
  • In social service and healthcare facilities, especially the waiting areas and emergency rooms are considered critical areas due to the amount of people going in and out who are potential carriers for bed bugs.

The frequency of the inspections in these facilities is determined by the clients’ needs. Usually quarterly services are sufficient, but sometimes monthly services are necessary.

Remember, early detection is the key to preventing bed bugs from becoming a major problem. In addition to the cost saved by avoiding multi-unit infestations, proactive canine sweeps provide property owners and managers peace of mind that bed bugs won’t shut down their business.

Why Choose Batzner?

Batzner works quickly to identify and eliminate bed bugs in your home or property. Infestations can quickly get out of control, so it is important to have a pest control professional correctly identify bed bugs and treatments designed for your specific needs. 

Trained and knowledgeable professionals, environmental responsibility, and legendary customer service are reasons why customers keep choosing us year after year.

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Proactive Bed Bug Canine Sweeps in New Berlin and Oshkosh WI Area

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