Rodents are not only one of America's most annoying pests, but they can be a major health risk by spreading diseases.

Types of Rodents

House Mouse

Have short hair and light belly. The ears and tail have little hair.

Norway Rat

Their nose is blunt and their ears are small. The tail is scaly and shorter than its head and body combined.


Resembling a mouse but with a stouter body and a shorter, hairy tail.

Pest Details


House mice are covered in short hair that is light brown or gray to black in color. Even their ears and tail have a small amount of hair. The vole is a close relative of the mouse, but has a stouter body and a shorter hairy tail. Rats are covered in shaggy fur that is brown or gray in color, but their ears and tail are covered in scales.

Interesting Fact

Rodents are some of the most adaptable creatures on the planet.

Behavior and Diet

Rats are wary of new things in their environment and tend to hide throughout the day, while mice are very curious and spend their time exploring.  Both are attracted to the smell of food and the warmth of homes.  

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