Six legs and soft bodies. During the winged stage, they can have four equal sized wings.


Pale brown to white-beige in color.


Approximately 1/4 to 3/8 inch in length.


Colonies created in wood.

Interesting Facts

Social colonies consisting of kings, queens and soldiers.

How do I get rid of Drywood termites?

Inspection of your property by a trained pest control professional is the first step in eradicating drywood termites from your property. Your pest control professional will be able to identify the extent of the damage and recommend the proper treatment.

What can I do to prevent Drywood termites?

Eliminating moisture problems can help prevent drywood termites. Repair leaking faucets and water pipes, eliminate standing water near the property, replace rotten or damaged wood, and do not store firewood or scrap wood within 20 feet of your property.

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