Newly built home seeking pest control services from Batzner Pest Control in Wisconsin

You know what they say, “They don’t build them like they used to.” Newly built homes may have cracks or gaps along the foundation allowing for pests to move in with you. Many people are under the assumption that if they purchase a brand new or newly constructed home they don’t need pest control services, but the reality is, new houses can be just as susceptible to pests as older homes.

New homes are not built in a clean, factory environment. They are open to the environment during much of the construction process allowing insects and pests easy access and the opportunity to establish a home for themselves. In addition, many of the materials used in home construction are stored in open and often damp conditions prior to being used to build your home and may have insects on or in them.

Common Pests Infesting New Construction Homes

Mice: One of the most common pests to be disturbed by new construction is mice. New homes are often built in areas that were just recently wooded and cleared, disturbing the dirt, brush, grass, and trees in which many pests were living. There’s a common misconception that a new house won’t attract mice, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you build in a neighborhood or in a more wooded, remote location, there will be a period of time during which mice may be relocating. If in a neighborhood, keep in mind: construction disturbing lots near your lot may stir some more mice up, meaning they may relocate near your home.

In addition to disturbing rodents’ habitats, a lot of new home builders take shortcuts, which often result in holes and gaps that mice and other pests take advantage of. With attached garages, builders typically leave a gap where the sheet-rock wall meets the foundation, as well as weep holes in the brick around and outside the foundation. Be sure to fill these gaps to limit entry points.

Ants: Ant infestations are caused by the disturbance of existing ant mounds on the property during construction or are brought on to the property with building materials during construction.

Spiders and other creepy crawlies: It may be alarming to find spiders in your brand new home, but it’s likely that those spiders have helped to keep other pests away. Spiders tend to deter and eat other pests, such as ants, roaches, flies, moths, and other small pests. So, while an unpleasant surprise, spiders actually help keep other unwanted guests away.


By using pest control services in a new home, you can prevent many of these pests from invading your space. Establishing a proactive pest control service in your home while it is brand new will prevent your home from experiencing an insect or pest infestation. Before moving in, or shortly after, have Batzner Pest Control do an inspection. We can make sure the property is free of any critters that could be causing damage.

Batzner Service Specialists can look for what the untrained eye doesn’t see. We know where to look and how to identify potential entry points. Quality Assurance and Safety Manager, Karl Rowell, describes this as, “Batzner doesn’t see a wall; we see all the possible entry points. If a pest is present, we make sure that an infestation doesn’t get out of hand by using a variety of techniques depending on the pest type.” Our Service Specialists will also recommend preventative treatments to keep future pests away from your home. Call 866-591-3519 or contact us online to get a free estimate today.

Why Newly Built Homes Need Pest Control Services in Wisconsin

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