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The most commonly seen parasitic pests in Wisconsin are ticks and fleas. Both of them are infamous for being hard to catch before it’s too late and causing problems for both us people and our pets. Getting rid of them takes a great deal of patience and persistence, so people often have to look to professional flea or tick removal specialists to help. The safe route to effective prevention of parasitic pests is always to hire expert flea exterminators or tick control specialists.

Our flea and tick removal specialists at Batzner Pest Control understand the frustrations that come with avoiding these pests. We will work hard to rid your property of ticks, no matter what kind or what size.

Ticks and Fleas That Live in Wisconsin

In order to identify ticks and fleas properly, you must know what kinds of them are active in our area. Here are the most common types of ticks and fleas found in Wisconsin:

  • American dog tick: The American dog tick is the largest and most commonly found tick in Wisconsin. It has a dark red body with white spots and is usually found in densely vegetated areas.
  • Deer tick: Deer ticks are smaller and have more obviously segmented bodies, separated by shades of red and dark, reddish-brown. They are able to cause Lyme diseases in humans. Click here for more detailed pictures of both ticks.
  • Fleas: These tiny, flightless, parasitic insects are notorious for latching on to our dogs and cats. Fleas like to hang out in shady places, waiting for small animals to pass.

Both fleas and ticks can cause harmful diseases in humans and our pets. It’s always important to hire a professional pest control company for flea or tick extermination work to handle them safely and quickly.

Batzner Pest Control’s Tick and Flea Removal Process

Our technicians at Batzner Pest Control have built up years of experience dealing with the troubles of people plagued by ticks and fleas. When you hire us to help, we will do all we can to eliminate ticks and fleas on your property through the following methods:

  • A complete inspection of your property looking for infestation sources and discerning which species of tick or flea is present
  • Application of necessary tick or flea control products, including but not limited to EPA-approved insecticides
  • Implementation of exclusion efforts to keep pests out of your home or business
  • Creation of an exhaustive pest control report covering our tactics and products used
  • Return trips as necessary to follow-up with treatments or advice

When to Hire an Exterminator for Fleas or Ticks

Tick biting a dog in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest ControlIf you feel worried about the possibility of another summer dealing with fleas and ticks in Wisconsin, it’s time to reach out to professional tick or flea exterminators for help. Our top-tier extermination team will provide you with the best strategies and advice in the region to help you avoid ticks and fleas all year long.

It is always safe to act sooner than later when it comes to parasitic pests. Working with a professional pest control company can keep your family and pets safe from dangerous diseases this summer. Reach out today for a free quote on flea or tick control services!

Flea and Tick Exterminators – Control – Removal in Wisconsin

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