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The lights inside your building, landscaping, reflections of your landscaping on the windows, and open doors can act as a “welcome” sign for birds. In some circumstances, birds may appear like a noisy nuisance, but birds in your building are a serious issue that requires expert help. The nests and droppings created by birds in your facility are a potential health risk for customers and employees. When nuisance birds invade your business, contact Batzner Pest Control in Wisconsin to manage the problem.

Batzner Pest Control offers reliable bird removal and control, as well as bird exclusion services that will prevent nuisance birds from coming back. Discover why we’re the best choice for bird control in Wisconsin.

Our Approach to Bird Control

While bird droppings are common, they can still be dangerous. Whether fresh or old and dry, their droppings can lead to a host of mild to serious infections. Bird droppings also can corrode paint, and their nests lead to fire hazards when they clog vents. To help protect your business from these potential issues, our team will create a tailored plan for removal. The following steps are listed below: 

  • Inspection: Our process starts with a thorough inspection of your property. Per the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, different species must be handled in different ways. Depending on the bird species and factors that led to their intrusion, we’ll outline a customized removal and exclusion plan.
  • Implementation: We move swiftly to implement the agreed-upon measures. Whether it involves targeted treatments or preventive measures, this phase is strategic and efficient. Throughout the process, we prioritize clear communication.
  • Prevention: Our goal isn’t just to eliminate your active pest bird problems – our goal is to help you maintain a bird-free environment over the long term. 

Depending on the species, we may recommend a combination of techniques, including:

  • Netting: Physical barriers (such as nets) to prevent birds from accessing specific areas.
  • Tactile or Sensory Ledge Deterrents: Prevent birds from landing by installing bird wire, bird spiders, spikes, or tactile gel on ledges.
  • Live Trapping and Removal: Employing traps to capture birds without causing harm, followed by their removal.
  • Video or Audio Deterrents: Implementing visual or auditory deterrents, including decoys, effigies, fireworks, or recorded bird distress calls.
  • UV Repellent: Using ultraviolet repellents to reflect light and deter birds.
  • Olfactory Repellents (Fogging, Misting): Utilizing misting, fogging, or other olfactory repellents that irritate birds without causing harm.
  • Sanitation/Disinfection: Removing bird droppings and nesting materials to discourage their return through maintaining a clean environment.

Common Nuisance Birds in Businesses in Wisconsin

One variable to consider is the protection that many birds have through rigorous regulations. Dealing with nuisance bird species is a key aspect of our expertise, particularly focusing on those not native to the U.S. and not covered by the Bird Migratory Treaty Act. These birds, known for their invasive nature, pose unique challenges that require specialized attention.

  • European Starlings
  • European House Sparrows
  • Pigeons

Schedule an Appointment With a Bird Control Expert

Despite their beauty, birds are better kept outside rather than in your building. The success and reputation of your business should not be compromised due to a bird-related challenge. Our trained team of bird control technicians have the knowledge and skills to assess your commercial space, locate bird-related vulnerabilities, and provide you with unique and tailored solutions that are compliant with bird regulations. 

Whether you’re dealing with roosting, nesting, or other bird-related disruptions, we have the expertise to address the specific challenges your business faces. Call Batzner Pest Control today for a free consultation.

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