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We Keep Your Business Pest-Free

Batzner Pest Control is proud to provide exceptional pest control services to businesses in our region year-round.

Commercial Pest Control

Serving New Berlin | Oshkosh | Milwaukee | Madison

Pests in commercial buildings can lead to ruined reputations and lost customers. As a long-time pest control provider to some of the largest businesses in Wisconsin, Batzner has a reputation for providing legendary service and solving difficult pest control issues. Commercial pest control often requires specialized knowledge. Batzner Pest Control’s team of commercial exterminators are trained to identify and control pest issues specific to a variety of industries.

Whether you own a restaurant in New Berlin or run an elementary school in Oshkosh, you can trust our commercial pest control services will keep you protected from the dangers of infestations all year long.

Batzner Pest Control are Trusted Pest Control Experts for over 75 Years - New Berlin, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Best Commercial Pest Control Services

Whether you need a one-time service or an ongoing program to protect your property, the commercial pest control experts at Batzner will work with you the entire way through. We offer seasonal treatments, regular inspections, and follow-up visits to ensure your hotel, warehouse, school, or retail property is protected.

A single pest problem can turn into an infestation quickly, making it important to prevent infestations from starting in the first place. 

As a QualityPro-certified company, you can trust our commercial pest control services will provide you, your employees, and your customers with peace of mind.

We’ve got answers to frequently asked questions relating to pest control and treatment options.

Once we have eliminated an issue, it may look as though you are safe to discontinue professional pest control. Pests are smart – they often reappear when Batzner goes away. Since we live in a cold weather climate for part of the year, the foundation and building products in our buildings expand, shift, and crack during colder weather. This can create openings for pests, especially, rodents, to enter the infrastructure of your property. Warm weather brings stinging insectsants and more.

We make our best efforts to respond to your request as quickly as possible while accommodating your schedule.

Your Service Specialist will thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your property. They will search for pest causes and evidence and identify areas where they see the potential for future pest issues. After they inspect and identify pest problems, they will treat as needed. Once service is completed, they will clearly explain what services were provided and leave a detailed service report for your records.

Your Service Specialist will explain the amount of time needed at your property for a thorough inspection and treatment.

You can remain present during and after treatment, as long as you follow the procedural post application information provided by the Service Specialist and the service report. Your Service Specialist will review his or her results with you so you have a thorough understanding of the service.

While it is preferable because we prefer to review our findings directly with you, you do not need to be present for an exterior service. A service report will be left behind in your absence. We do require your presence during an interior service.

The time it takes for the treatment to start working varies from pest to pest; time must be allowed for the pests to come in contact with the treatment.

Carpenter Ants: Activity may be seen up to 30 days

Mice/Rodents: Activity may be seen up to 14 days

Stinging Insects: Activity around nest for up to 72 hours

Cockroaches: Activity may be seen up to 30 days

Pavement Ants: Activity may be seen up to 21 days

Occasional Invaders (spiderscentipedes, etc): Activity may be seen up to 21 days

Asian lady beetles & boxelder bugs: You will continue to see Asian lady beetles and boxelder bugs outside your property. They are drawn to warmth on the sunny sides of your building and will continue to rest there as the treatment takes effect. Eventually, the population will reduce, and you will no longer see them.

It varies depending on the pest and the extent of the infestation. After your pest evaluation, your Service Specialist will provide suggestions to reduce and eliminate conducive conditions that make pest activity habitable.
Contact us for a free estimate based on your pest issues and the size and type of your business.
Professional pest control companies use pharmaceutical-grade products to effectively treat pests. Batzner Service Specialists are state-certified and extensively trained to understand pest behaviors and identify pests in order to provide the most beneficial treatment application method.

IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management and is a holistic approach to handling pest situations. The foundation of IPM is a strong working relationship between the client and the pest control professional to reduce and eliminate conducive conditions that make pest activity habitable. 

Successful treatment for these pests is performed in Fall. If unseasonably warm weather in Winter/early Spring causes them to appear, we will not recommend* treatment at this time but will instead set you up for preventative treatment the following Fall.

*Reduction services can be performed along the interior areas where activity has been noted. This treatment will help diminish the numbers of pests but will unfortunately not eliminate them entirely. Preventative treatments – such as those in the Fall – are the best method of treatment for these seasonal pests.

Pets and children can be present during the treatment; however, they need to be kept away from the area being treated during the treatment.

Once the product is dry, usually about two hours, but may be up to four hours depending on the product used. Your Service Specialist will inform you of the exact time frame.

No. For the safety of pets, please remove them to a room not being treated.

We offer a few different service options to solve bed bug problems. Visit our bed bug services page for more information.

Visit our Service Area Locator page and enter your zip code to see if we service your area.

Yes, we offer special pricing for first time customers who are employees of one of our commercial clients.

The customer portal provides web account access for reporting, trending, account information, invoices, condition reports and other needed tools with access for multiple users.

We routinely work with complex food safety regulations and have extensive experience guiding organizations through audits. We offer pre-audit preparation, in addition to being present during the audit. While some providers are still hand-writing reports, Batzner has implemented the most advanced industry CRM technology, providing proper account management and audit compliance, a customer portal, quarterly trend reports and more 24/7. We also provide training to utilize it all effectively and make proactive decisions to prevent future issues.

Commercial Pest Control in Wisconsin

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