Additional Residential Pest Services

While we recommend our BAN™ system for most pest issues because of the value and ongoing prevention it offers, every situation is unique and some pests are not covered in the BAN system. If you do not see an option for your particular issue, call 262.797.4160 and a customer service representative will help you choose the appropriate service option.

Services & Treatments

What Pests are Covered with BAN?

The following pests are covered by our BAN system. If you do not see your pest listed here, check our services below.

*Commercial service plans may vary.

Asian Lady Beetles & Boxelder Bugs

Although Asian lady beetles and boxelder bugs are covered by the BAN system, treatment options are also available separately.

Bed Bugs

Batzner works quickly to identify and eliminate bed bugs in your home or property. Infestations can quickly get out of control, so it is important to have a pest control professional correctly identify bed bugs and treatments designed for your specific needs. It’s equally important to attack a bed bug problem as soon as you suspect you have one. Bed bug services include product applications, canine scent detection, and heat treatments.

Bird Management

Bird Management focuses on environmental and structural modification, including exclusion. Some species may require permits obtained from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Carpenter Bees

Your Batzner Service Specialist will identify the locations of potential nesting sites by focusing on key areas (untreated, unpainted, soft, or moisture damaged wood) and looking out for frass (fine powdery refuse or fragile perforated wood produced by the activity of boring insects), small round drill holes, and other evidence of carpenter bee activity. The best approach to treating the nests will be determined by several factors, including their location and level of activity. 

Cedar Shake Roof Service

Due to the composition of cedar shake shingles, they can be susceptible to pest issues. We offer a treatment that specifically targets these issues.


Cockroach services include inspection and treatment.

Exclusion Services

At Batzner Pest Control we strive to rectify all of the conditions that can accommodate for rodents and other pests to enter into your home. We offer exclusion services as a means to help resolve those larger scale issues that can cause problems from within the structure.

Examples of such services include the installation of flashing along the siding of buildings, the sealing of gaps using mortar or other permanent material, or the installation of door sweeps.

Farms & Stables

Focus on large scale fly management.

*Select Service Specialists are state certified to provide this specific service. May not be available in all areas.


These pests require specific protocols, including multiple visits.

Green Services
  • Emphasis on inspection and identification of conditions conducive for pest activity, while also removing the source that may be the cause of the pest problem.
  • Uses practices from IPM and GreenPro Services.  
  • All of Batzner's Service Specialists and Sales Professionals are GreenPro certified through NPMA.

Learn about the reduction program specifics here.

*Select Service Specialists are state certified to provide this specific service. May not be available in all areas.

Pheromone Programs

Implementation of product that is used to attract stored product pests. Results are observed and used to pinpoint obscure source points.

Stored Product Pests

Stored product pests require specific protocols, including multiple visits.


Ticks require specific protocols, including multiple visits.

Wildlife Trapping

Services for chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, woodchuckspossums, etc.

*Select Service Specialists are state certified to provide this specific service. May not be available in all areas.

Wood Destroying Insects

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