Commercial fly control in Wisconsin - Batzner pest control We can likely agree that flies are a nuisance, but more so, they can also become a serious pest concern. Flies can transmit a host of diseases to humans, including Salmonella, E. Coli, typhoid fever, and cholera. Since flies have a rapid life cycle, infestations can quickly explode into an overwhelming problem. Commercial properties have several vulnerabilities that make a fly problem more likely. With this in mind, working with a fly exterminator may be your best option for taking back control of your business.  Using the latest fly control technology, Batzner Pest Control treats fly infestations throughout Wisconsin with reliable and efficient means. Batzner Pest Control also provides a service guarantee that distinguishes us from other companies. Learn more about our Batzner Guarantee!

Businesses Most Vulnerable to Fly Infestations

While all businesses are susceptible to fly infestation challenges, certain industries are more vulnerable. These industries include waste generation, food handling, and overall operations. Listed below are five types of businesses that have a higher likelihood of fly-related issues:
  1. Restaurants and Food Establishments: Flies are drawn to food waste, making restaurants and food establishments a rich feeding ground for flies. Proper sanitation and waste management are crucial for prevention.
  2. Grocery Stores and Supermarkets: Businesses that store and sell food products, such as grocery stores and supermarkets, can face fly-related challenges due to the presence of fresh produce and open food bins.
  3. Food Processing Facilities: Facilities involved in food processing and packaging provide opportunities for flies to eat and breed near food products. Strict hygiene measures are important in preventing infestations.
  4. Waste Management and Disposal Sites: Locations with significant waste generation, like landfills or waste disposal facilities, are attractive to flies seeking decaying organic matter.
  5. Farming and Agricultural Operations: Farms and agricultural settings, especially those with livestock or crops, may experience fly issues due to the presence of animal waste and decaying plant material.

The Benefits of Professional Fly Pest Control

Expert fly control services offer a targeted and comprehensive approach to address the specific needs of your environment. When Batzner Pest Control gets involved, you can expect a more effective and long-lasting solution. As a result, you minimize the risk of fly-borne diseases through a clean and hygienic environment for customers and employees. Consider also, bioremediation services significantly lowers the breeding grounds for small flies, including fruit fliesmoth flies, and phorid flies, contributing to a healthier environment.

How to Prevent a Fly Infestation in Your Business​

Here are a few steps that you can take to help prevent or mitigate the presence of flies:
  1. Effective Drain Cleaning: Make sure drains are cleaned regularly to remove any debris. Flies usually breed in damp, organic matter, which is why a dirty drain is attractive to flies. 
  2. Fly Lights: Fly lights can attract and capture flies, which will reduce their population overall and slow their growth. Aim to install fly lights in critical areas, such as near entrances and food preparation zones. Learn more about our Lumnia LED Fly Lights.
  3. Proper Waste Management: Implement a meticulous waste management system. Use sealed bins for trash, empty them regularly, and place them away from entrances. Proper waste management is essential in discouraging flies and maintaining a hygienic business environment.

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Keep Flies Out​ with Batzner Pest Control

Flies in your business are not just a nuisance, they can have a large ripple effect on operations and customer satisfaction. Flies are known to compromise hygiene and food safety. This poses a risk for patrons and employees and can damage your business’s reputation. To help put a halt to fly infestations, turn to your commercial fly control experts at Batzner Pest Control. We will prepare a hassle-free solution that is tailored to meet your business needs. Reach out to Batzner for a free consultation. Back to Commercial Pest Control

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