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Nurse's hand supporting patient's on a walker | Batzner Pest Control serving Wisconsin

Why Healthcare Facilities Require Expert Pest Management

Keeping up with the utmost cleanliness in healthcare facilities isn’t easy, given the ever-present influx of patients, family members, and
bed bugs in hotels in Wisconsin - Batzner pest control

Bed Bug Education for Hotel Management

In hospitality, the comfort and well-being of your guests is always a top priority. The last thing you need is
Cicada in Wisconsin - Batzner pest control

Cicada Extravaganza in Wisconsin

This year, Batzner Pest Control invites you to witness an enthralling natural spectacle captivating the hearts of those in Wisconsin.
Warehouse Pest Control in Wisconsin - Batzner pest control

What Are Some Common Pests Found In Warehouses?

Warehouses can be an attractive environment for many pests. The large, open layouts of warehouse facilities provide ample hiding spots
Cockroaches on wall in New Berlin, WI

Late Summer Pests

Summers are known for warmer days, sunsets, and festivals. It’s a splendid time of the year, brimming with bright sunny
bed bugs in airbnb in New Berlin, WI

How do you Check for Bed Bugs at Your Airbnb or Hotel

Traveling is a wonderful opportunity to explore new places, experience different cultures, and create cherished memories. However, alongside the excitement
Checking dog for ticks in Wisconsin | Batzner Pest Control

Protecting Your Dog from Tick Bites with Batzner

Exploring the outdoors of Wisconsin is exciting for everyone, but there are pests in the tall grass that can ruin
Dog running through a field in Wisconsin

Safeguarding Your Pets From Ticks This Summer

Brace yourselves because summer’s approaching, and you know what that means—those dreaded ticks are about to crash the paw-ty. Don’t
a close-up of a bee stinging a person's wrist

Preparing for Stinging Insect Season

Summer in Wisconsin is the best time to enjoy the sun, fresh air, and time with friends and family! Nothing
Zoomed in picture of a mosquito sitting on a container of water.

Mosquito Prevention: The Do’s and the Don’ts

Much like a sunburn, mosquito bites are one of tell-tale indications of the spring and summer. Also like at a
Bees swarming on a hive

Pests that Swarm in Spring

With warmer weather and spring rains, insects are starting to reappear. Spring is here in , which means swarming insects
this side view image of a kissing bug shows their six legs, antennae, and oval shaped body

Should Wisconsinites Worry About Kissing Bugs?

Every so often, news spreads of a devastating pest species expanding its territory across the United States. Often, these novel
deer mouse nest in a car engine

Rodents: The Worst Backseat Drivers

It gets cold here in during the winter. We may be able to bundle up with scarves and heavy jackets,
TAP insulation in an attic

A Pest-Free Winter is a TAP Away!

It’s safe to say that every homeowner in wants a holiday season where they can stay warm in their homes,
Wolf spider on white background

Arach-Nope! Be Careful with the Wolf Spider!

Halloween is a time to think about the things that scare us, and when it comes to spiders we don’t
a swarm of stink bugs coming out of a wall

Fall Pests to Watch Out For

As the weather cools you may notice more and more unwelcome creatures hanging around your home. That’s not just your
A mosquito

Get Rid of Late Summer Pests

You might think that you’re in the clear for pest problems when the summer heat starts to dwindle, but certain
Ant trail forming in a bathroom

Why Are Ants Still Coming Back Inside?

All kinds of pests are emerging with the warm summer weather here in Wisconsin, but ants are some of the
A mosquito in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Mosquito Prevention: 4 Signals Mosquitoes Use to Locate Humans

It does take a while for mosquitoes to come back into prominence after our long Wisconsin winters, but these pests
A backyard to be serviced in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

10 Tips for Backyard Pest Control

Relief sets in across Wisconsin every year as the frigid winter recedes into spring. We’re all excited about spending more
A carpenter ant in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

How to Deal with Carpenter Ant Damage

While they might not be quite as destructive as termites, carpenter ants are wood-destroying insects that we have to watch
How termites (above) and carpenter ants (below) look in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Termites vs Carpenter Ants: What’s the Difference?

Telling the difference between flying ants vs termites can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. You
Inspecting an attic for pests in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

What’s That Animal in the Attic?

Are you hearing scratching or scurrying noises from your ceiling? There are several kinds of evidence that animals might be
Honey bees in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Where Do Bees Go in the Winter?

Spring brings so much to look forward to. However, in addition to the blooms and warm weather, spring also brings
Rats in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Rats in Residential Areas

No one wants to have to share their home with rats. Unfortunately, all through the colder months here in Wisconsin,
A silverfish in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

How a Dehumidifier Can Prevent Silverfish, Centipedes, and Cockroaches

There are many reasons why a pest infestation might develop inside your home, but one of the main contributors to
A bed bug found in a hotel in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Guide to Hotel Bed Bug Inspections

Bed bugs are the bane of the hotel industry’s existence. A bed bug problem in your hotel or bed and

How to Prevent Pantry Pests—Baking Bug-Free in Wisconsin

When you’re ready to hit the kitchen to whip up some of your favorite baked goods for the holiday season,
Rodent bait station in Wisconsin home - Batzner Pest Control

Rodent Snap Traps vs. Bait Stations

Few pests pose the threat during a Wisconsin winter like rodents. The last thing you want is a mouse or
Mouse in Wisconsin home in the Winter - Batzner Pest Control

Look Out For Rodents in Wisconsin this Winter

Wisconsin’s winters render it nearly impossible for many types of pests to live outdoors as they normally do. While many
Mice living in someone's home in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

How to Rodent-Proof Your Home

Wild animals in Wisconsin can sense when summer comes to an end. To prepare for the harsh, cold winter ahead,
What silverfish look like in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Do I Have Silverfish?

There is a long list of pests that thrive in moist or damp areas—having a consistent source of moisture can
A powderpost beetle in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Carpenter Ants vs. Powderpost Beetles

When you see tiny holes and sawdust-looking scraps building up around the wooden structures and surfaces in your home, it’s
What silverfish look like in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

What Are Those Bugs in My Bathroom?

In a place that is supposed to be sparkling clean, the last thing you want to find is an outbreak
What your ants might look like in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Ants in Wisconsin – How to Get Rid of Ants in the House

Ants consistently cause problems for Wisconsin residents every year. They invade homes across the country during the winter, but with
What cockroaches look like in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Do Roaches Only Come Out at Night?

There aren’t many more unpleasant experiences than finding a cockroach infestation in your home. Although some people are just victims
Bed bug bite infographic - Batzner Pest Control in Wisconsin

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like? Information on Symptoms & Treatment

I’ve encountered mosquito bites, flea bites, and spider bites, but never had I encountered bed bug bites until I traveled
How do ants get in my Wisconsin house - Batzner Pest Control

How Do Ants Get In My House?

It sometimes can seem like ants appear in your home overnight. Not only are ant problems often unpredictable in your
What brown marmorated stink bugs look like in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

What’s that Smell? It’s the Stink Bug

Many people in Wisconsin have noticed an uptick in the amount of stink bugs around their homes over the past
Deer tick found in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

How to Safely Remove Ticks

As summer draws nearer, all of us in Wisconsin are going to have to keep our guard up against ticks.
Questions to ask your pest control experts in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Questions to Ask Your New Pest Control Company

Whether you’re a new homeowner or looking to move on from your current provider, trying to choose the right pest
A mosquito found in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

How Rain Affects Mosquitoes and How to Protect Yourself

We’ve had some rain this spring here in Wisconsin, and while we patiently wait for the warm days of summer
Cockroach invades a home in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Take Action Against Cockroaches Early

We’re on the verge of spring, and it’s an exciting time for all of us that enjoy the sunshine and
Mice vs. rats in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Identification and Prevention of Rats and Mice in Wisconsin

House mice and Norway rats: as two of the most common rodents in Wisconsin, homeowners have had many encounters with
Caulk can seal windows and prevent pests in your Wisconsin home - Batzner Pest Control

Sealing Your Home From Pests With Caulking

Pests can get into your home easier than you think. Ants and other small bugs in particular are able to

How to Spot Termite Exit Holes

One of the biggest signs of termites is seeing exit holes, also known as kick-out holes. When drywood termites swarm
Spiders are common winter pests in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

5 Reasons Why You Need Winter Pest Control [2021 Update]

It’s a common misconception that with the cold weather rolling in, pests will pack up and leave until next year.
Batzner pest control in Wisconsin - Serving New Berlin, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Racine and surrounding areas

Afraid of Rodents and Bugs? 2021 May Not Be Your Year

Entomologists from Batzner’s parent company, Rentokil Provide their Pest Predictions for 2021 READING, Penn. (Jan. 4, 2021) — As if
Raccoons are a common overwintering pest in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

How to Prevent Overwintering Pests

An overwintering pest is any insect or nuisance pest that will enter your home to wait out the colder months
Stink bugs are a seasonal pest problem in Wisconsin - Batzner Pest Control

Pest Seasonality in Wisconsin

Here in Wisconsin, pests are a problem all year-long. Different weather conditions and seasonality plays a large role in what