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This year, Batzner Pest Control invites you to witness an enthralling natural spectacle captivating the hearts of those in Wisconsin. We are poised on the verge of a rare natural occurrence, where the whispers of history intermingle with the present through the enthralling song of cicadas. This event is not just a display of nature’s beauty but also an excellent opportunity to delve into the rhythms and cycles of the natural world. Join us on this enlightening journey to uncover the enigmatic life cycles of cicadas, their impact on the ecosystem, and how we can live in harmony with these astonishing creatures.

The Rarity Of This Event

The year 2024 is marked by the extraordinary emergence of two cicada broods in Wisconsin, a spectacle last witnessed 221 years ago and not due to recur until 2245. From mid-May to late June, we are given a unique opportunity to witness these large broods emerge in unison.

Cicada Basics

Buried beneath the earth for the majority of their existence, cicadas surface primarily for mating, signaling the ending of their life cycle. With life spans of 13-17 years, their synchronized surfacing orchestrates a summer-long concert of buzzing and ticks. 

Are Cicadas Harmful?

Although cicadas pose no direct threat to humans, their abundant populations can negatively affect young plants and trees that make up their diet. By understanding their ecological role, we can implement strategies to protect our greenery with minimal intervention from pest control services.

Is Cicada Extermination Needed?

While they will emerge in large numbers, there’s no need for cicada extermination. Since they don’t harm humans but may damage plants Batzner recommends using netting on younger trees and plants to protect them against cicadas, note it’s not necessary for larger trees. 

An Unusual Aspect: Cicada Fluid Dynamics

Among the lesser-known characteristics of cicadas is their impressive ability to eject urine with force. Unlike other xylem-feeding insects that consume the fluid from trees and plants and release urine in simple droplets. Cicadas, driven by their large xylem intake, can spray fluid forcefully. This might result in an unexpected sprinkle if you’re underneath a tree canopy during cicada season.

Looking Ahead

The cicada event this year transcends mere curiosity, offering a moment to reflect on the intricate and rhythmic patterns of our planet. It presents an opportunity to learn from a phenomenon that spans centuries, enriching our appreciation of the natural world around us. 

We aim to emphasize the ecological importance of this cicada event, promoting coexistence between humans and insects. Should you need guidance or assistance with the Cicada event or other pest concerns, contact Batzner Pest Control

Cicada Extravaganza in Wisconsin in Wisconsin

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