Additional Commercial Services

In addition to our BAN™ Brand Protection program, we understand that every situation is unique and some additional pest services may need to be incorporated into a customized program. If you do not see an option for your particular issue, call 262.797.4160 and a customer service representative will help you choose the appropriate service option.

Specialty Services & Treatments

What Pests are Covered with BAN Brand Protection?

The following pests are covered by our BAN™ Brand Protection program. If you do not see your pest listed here, check our services below.

*Commercial service plans may vary.

Exterior Asian Lady Beetles & Boxelder Bugs

Exterior wall treatment of cracks, crevice, windows, door frames, and utilities.

Bed Bugs

Bed bug services include product applications, canine scent detection, and heat treatments.

Bird Management

Bird Control Services provide customized solutions to address bird concerns through removal, exclusion and deterrence.

Cluster Flies

Strategic treatments for cluster flies are timed with the changing seasons. Treatment is applied to exterior walls in cracks, crevices, windows, door frames, drainage holes and utilities.

Small/Filth Flies

House/Bottle Flies

An inspection is performed with an emphasis on finding the breeding source of the house flies or bottle flies. Sanitation advice will be offered for the client to follow up on.  A number of methods to control the infestation are available, including insect light traps, traditional pest treatments, baits, and bio-remediation, which uses microbes to aid with sanitation issues by eating and digesting material. 

Small Fruit Flies

Inspection for fruit flies includes finding the breeding points and sanitation issues. Fruit flies are typically associated with freshly decaying foods. Sanitation recommendations will also be provide as well as bio-remediation services.

Moth Flies

Inspection for moth flies includes finding the breeding points and then applying proactive treatments to drains and associated areas. Sanitation recommendations will also be provide as well as bio-remediation services.

Fly Baiting Programs/Dumpster Service

Helps eliminate issues with stinging insects and flies in the dumpster and entrance areas of a building. Service is offered monthly from June-October which includes treatment, granular baiting, and bait stations.

Bioremediation / Drain Service

Bioremediation is an innovative technology which uses live microorganisms injected into drain lines reducing maintenance costs and ensuring proper function while managing odors and flies.

Insect Light Traps

Used in audited plants as well as buildings that are sensitive to flying insects such as warehousing, healthcare, assisted living, restaurants or cafeterias. Service frequency is determined by the need and is usually during warm months unless otherwise specified by pest pressure, client or audit requirements.

Stinging Insect Exterior

Proactive treatment that helps eliminate nests and nest building on the outside of a building. Treats eaves, soffits, undersides of above ground decks, overhangs, windows and doors.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jacket traps are typically placed high or in surrounding areas of a patio or outdoor area and helps reduce the amount of stinging insects and flies around an outdoor area.

Carpenter Bees

Your Batzner Service Specialist will identify the locations of potential nesting sites by focusing on key areas (untreated, unpainted, soft, or moisture damaged wood) and looking out for frass (fine powdery refuse or fragile perforated wood produced by the activity of boring insects), small round drill holes, and other evidence of carpenter bee activity. The best approach to treating the nests will be determined by several factors, including their location and level of activity. 

Ground Bees

Typically treating soil areas where a nest is and around the nest area.

Carpenter Ants

We look for evidence, such as frass, and areas of moisture damage that is typically associated with carpenter ants. Interior and exterior treatment (baiting programs and liquid applications) is done to the structure when applicable.

Stored Product Pests

These pests require specific protocols based of the species. Multiple visits are usually necessary. Proper identification of the pest is key to the success of treatment. We have on-staff Associate Certified Entomologists to assist with the identification.

Wood Destroying Insects

Treatments are available for carpenter ants and powderpost beetles. For termites, Batzner performs inspections only. Wood destroying insect inspections are required for buying and selling properties by select agencies.


Fleas require specific protocols, including growth regulators and liquid treatments. Multiple visits are usually necessary.


Learn about the reduction program specifics here.

*Select Service Specialists are state certified to provide this specific service. May not be available in all areas.


Ticks require specific protocols, including multiple visits.

*Select Service Specialists are state certified to provide this specific service. May not be available in all areas.

Exterior Perimeter General Pest

A barrier treatment that focuses around the lower perimeter of a building, doors, windows, utility entrances, and other high risk areas, which helps reduce the amount of crawling insects that are coming into the building.

Wildlife Trapping

Services for chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, woodchuckspossums, etc.

*Select Service Specialists are state certified to provide this specific service. May not be available in all areas.

Green Services

These pests require specific protocols, including multiple visits. We are also Leed and GreenShield certified. Additionally, we have experience with organic audited food plants.

Pheromone Programs

Implementation of product that is used to attract stored product pests. Results are observed and used to pinpoint obscure source points.

Vegetation Management

Batzner Pest Control's Vegetation Management Service (VMS) works to eliminate weeds or unwanted plants around buildings, highways, railways and grounds. Overgrowth of undesirable weeds and shrubs creates harborage areas for pests such as rats or mice, and also creates health, fire and safety hazards.

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