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K-9 Bed Bug Inspections

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Bed bugs can be hard to locate, especially in commercial spaces. That’s where bed bug detection dogs come in! Bed bug canines have been used with great success all around the world. Specific breeds of canines contain over 220 million receptors in their noses, which helps them track scents through many different situations while distinguishing between slight differences. Batzner is proud to provide K-9 bed bug inspections throughout Wisconsin.

Benefits of Canine Bed Bug Inspection

Using canines to perform a search for bed bugs is efficient when several areas or rooms require inspection because it is less time consuming than humans searching. Using their incredible sense of smell, canines are able to detect and find live bed bugs within minutes of searching. It’s also highly cost effective–the use of dogs can save an individual or company several thousands of dollars on unnecessarily treating rooms that are not infested. As a team, the dogs and handlers are certified annually by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA). NESDCA is a certifying organization founded by pest control owners and operators that assures the quality standards of bed bug detection dogs.

Our K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Process

We use our bed bug canines for both proactive sweeps and post-treatment follow-ups. Early detection is of course the key to preventing bed bug problems. We also use our canine teams in post-treatment situations to confirm that all life stages of bed bugs have been eliminated. In either instance, we will let you know how to prepare with a preparation checklist.

We focus on the following areas during our process:
  • Dorms, apartments, and hotels, including rooms, hallways, and lobbies where there are many people coming and going. Particular attention is paid to the bed area and furniture where sleeping or sitting may often occur.
  • Social service and healthcare facilities, especially the waiting areas and emergency rooms are considered critical areas due to the amount of people going in and out who are potential carriers for bed bugs.

Meet Our Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Batzner’s first bed bug canine joined the family in 2010. Now, we have four canines working with handlers on staff for our K-9 bed bug inspections. 

How Reliable are Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs?

The process to becoming a bed bug detection dog can be ruff. In order to become fully certified, canines and their handlers must pass the certification requirement together. If the canine is ever transferred to a new handler, the certification must be passed again as a new team. A single dog cannot be legally certified without a handler, and vice versa. You can trust our K-9 bed bug inspections are completely reliable with our highly trained bed bug canines. Our goal is to sniff out all signs of bed bugs in your property.

Wisconsin’s Best Bed Bug Canines

We use our bed bug canines in high traffic areas to find bed bugs before they turn into an infestation. By contracting to receive regular canine bed bug detection services, bed bug problems are caught before they are able to take hold and spread into a full-blown infestation. Learn more about our canine bed bug inspections and get a FREE quote today!

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K-9 Bed Bug Inspections in Wisconsin

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