Hitchhiking Bed Bugs: Healthcare, Education, Hotels and Apartments

Avoid Bringing Them Home with You No matter where you travel or stay, bed bugs are everywhere. Therefore, the best

Bed Bugs in Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices, Retirement Housing

Whether you are in a hospital, doctor’s office, retirement community or some other form of healthcare facility, you expect things

Bed Bugs: Where They Come from and How You Get Them

The sheer mention of bed bugs gives many people the creeps. The thought of them crawling on our skin and

Why Woodpeckers Peck and How to Prevent Them from Pecking Your House

Fun to watch as they hammer away, usually gripping sideways on a tree trunk, woodpeckers sometimes become a nuisance. They

Why Newly Built Homes Need Pest Control Services

You know what they say, “They don’t build them like they used to.” Newly built homes may have cracks or

Signs That You Have a Bed Bug Problem and Treatment Options

With endless opportunities for bed bugs to easily travel between apartments, across cities and even around the world, it’s no

Identification and Prevention of Rats and Mice in Wisconsin

Many Wisconsin home and business owners tend to have confusion about the modest differences between mice and rats. In the

Ants in Wisconsin – How to Get Rid of Ants in the House

Ants are consistently a top issue in Wisconsin. Even in winter, when the warming effects of the sun prematurely awakens

How to Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs in Hotels

As expert hitchhikers, bed bugs are prevalent just about everywhere in the world. They are known as hitchhikers because they

Batzner Finds Mouse Evidence in Vending Machine

So it’s 3 o’clock and you’re hungry. You go to the office vending machine for a snack, evaluate your options

Batzner Identifies the Backyard Culprit Digging Holes in a Client’s Yard

In a recent visit to a client’s home, the owner pointed out mysterious holes that kept appearing in her lawn.

9 Ways to Mosquito-Proof Your Yard This Summer

During the height of breeding season, mosquitoes are easily one of the most irritating pests around. However, there are steps

Batzner Investigates Powderpost Beetles in Kitchen Table

Imagine buying your first home and filling it up with your dream furniture, only to discover that the furniture you’ve

“A keen sense of smell:” Batzner Pest Control uses Trained Dogs to Sniff out Bed Bugs

Their keen sense of scent helps them find drugs, bombs and even people. But recently canine’s are being utilized as

April is National Pest Management Month

For more than 30 years, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has dedicated the month of April as National Pest Management Month.

Bed Bug Infestation At Senior Apartment Building

The Challenge For four years, a 12 story, 171-unit senior apartment building was dealing with a severe bed bug infestation

Avoid Bloodsucking Bed Bugs when Traveling

Randy Rupert of Batzner Bed Bug Services explains how to help prevent bringing home bed bugs when traveling. Learn More

Batzner Adds Four Additional Associate Certified Entomologists to Staff

NEW BERLIN, Wis., May 23, 2017: Batzner Pest Control is pleased to announce they have added four more Associate Certified

Bird Deterrent Option for Sparrows and Barn Swallows at Businesses

In cases where birds are overtaking the outside of buildings by perching or nesting, bird deterrents may be the answer.

Batzner Celebrates 70 Years in the Pest Control Business

NEW BERLIN, Wis., December 8, 2016: Batzner Pest Control is proud to announce that it has entered its 70th year

Batzner Moves Up on Pest Control Technology’s Top 100 List

NEW BERLIN, Wis., July 12, 2016: The pest control industry continues to thrive, enjoying robust growth overall. Batzner Pest Control,

Black Widow Spider Surprise in Manufacturing Plant

Batzner’s superior knowledge and expertise has helped to provide effective pest control for many clients who encounter out of the

Batzner Wins Top Choice Award

When it comes to providing protection from pests, Batzner is the best according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel readers. Batzner Pest

Moth Fly Infestation at a Food Plant

The Issue A food plant, serviced by Batzner, discovers a moth fly infestation in and around their plant. Never having

Batzner Pest Control Continues Growth in 2016

NEW BERLIN, WI (December 31, 2015)— Since 2010, Batzner Pest Control has experienced a few changes, including expansion into new

Batzner Pest Control Donates 1,886 Pounds to Local Food Pantry

NEW BERLIN, Wis., Dec, 23, 2015: Batzner Pest Control presented the Food Pantry of Waukesha County with 1,886 pounds of

Batzner Pest Control Donates Food to Local Pantries

NEW BERLIN, Wis., December 06, 2016: Batzner Pest Control kicked off this holiday season with its annual food drive. All

Rats Invade a Downtown Milwaukee Restaurant

The Issue The building demolition and never-ending list of construction projects taking place downtown Milwaukee causes a disruption of habitat

Phorid Flies Cause Problems in Food Plant

Batzner’s superior knowledge and expertise has helped us provide effective pest control for many clients who had limited to no

Batzner Pest Management Announces Name Change to Batzner Pest Control

Batzner Pest Management announced today that the company is changing its name to Batzner Pest Control as part of a

Batzner Presents 27th Annual Food Safety & Pest Management Seminar

NEW BERLIN, Wis., March 9, 2017: Batzner Pest Control’s 27th Food Safety and Pest Management seminar will take place on

Restaurant Suffers from Cockroach Infestation

Batzner’s expertise has helped many clients who had limited to no success with a previous pest control company. Here is

Batzner Recipient of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplaces 2014

Batzner Pest Control is the recipient of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplaces 2014. This award celebrates organizations that provide

Turkestan Cockroaches Arrive Unexpectedly in International Shipment

Batzner’s expertise provided quick identification and effective pest control for a client struggling with an unusual infestation at a major

Beat the bugs: Helpful tips and tricks to avoid mosquitoes this summer

There’s a buzz in the air in southeast Wisconsin this spring, and that’s not a good thing. The combination of

University Struggles with Cockroaches

An unending supply of food and water, along with cozy dark areas to hide, breed, and overall, thrive. Welcome to

Bed Bugs Found Inside Potawatomi Casino

Karl Rowell of Batzner Bed Bug Services discusses the recent sightings of bed bugs at Milwaukee’s Potowatami casino. Learn More

Yellow Jacket Nest Found in Basement Window

A yellow jacket nest was found in a client’s basement window, quite a unique situation. Watch as a Service Specialist

Box Elder Bugs: Tips for Keeping out Seasonal Pests in the Fall

As the temperatures drop, a lot of you will winterize your home in advance of the ice and snow, but

Customer Spotlight: Camp Hometown Heroes

This summer, Batzner had the opportunity to work with a great organization, Camp Hometown Heroes. Camp Hometown Heroes provides children

How to Protect Correctional Facilities from Bed Bugs

Brand recognition and referrals have helped New Berlin, Wis.-based Batzner Pest Control garner bed bug work at three correctional facilities

Lupo Named PCT Technician of the Year

Batzner is proud to announce that our own Scott Lupo has been named the 2014 Pest Control Technology Residential Technician

New and Improved – Mosquito Reduction Program

Learn more about Batzner’s 2017 Mosquito Program. I think most people would agree that the worst part of summer in

Named Six-time Top Workplace by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

We are excited to announce that we have once again earned a spot in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplaces

A Gift of Valentine’s Day Chocolates! It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Are you looking for something new and exciting for Valentine’s Day this year? We recommend swapping out the usual box

Cockroaches Can Cost Your Business More than Just Your Reputation

Wisconsin restaurants are unfortunately no strangers to the risks of cockroaches. Kitchens and storage areas are home to a number

9 Tips to Pest-Proof Your Home During Winter

Winter is in full swing. And while this may mean things are slowing down in the lives of bees and

Before You Sign on the Dotted Line – Be Aware of Door-to-Door Sales Tactics

As temperatures warm and pests become more active, another phenomena ensues in the spring—door-to-door sales reps. Some pest control companies

Get the Details: Batzner’s Pestfree365 Program

As a pestfree365 program client, you’ll be protected all year round with quarterly services scheduled throughout the year. Our professionals

Wisconsin’s Top 8 Small Animals in Pest Control

Wildlife removal in Wisconsin can mean many things, from something in your wall or attic to a guest under your

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