It’s been a pretty wet spring so far for us in Wisconsin, and while we dutifully wait for the warm days of summer to arrive, we will likely have to stick out a couple more rainy days. Most of us do not enjoy this damp weather, but mosquitoes, on the other hand, LOVE it.

Damp, wet weather conditions translate to plenty of opportunities for mosquitoes to find standing water or puddles to lay their eggs. Wet weather followed by warm weather is the ideal environment for mosquitoes and breeding. While we don’t have the power to control the weather that creates these perfect conditions for mosquitoes, there are some things you can do to bite back and protect yourself from mosquitoes in your yard.

Minimize Mosquito Habitat
  1. Landscape maintenance. Adult mosquitoes rest during the day, usually on the under sides of vegetation. Trim trees, bushes, and shrubs to reduce hiding places for mosquitoes.
  2. Reduce and eliminate stagnant water. The smallest amount of water allows mosquitoes to breed. Eliminate standing water in items around the yard and change the water in birdbaths and pet bowls often. See the image below for more places to look for stagnant water.

Common mosquito habitats in your backyard - Expert mosquito control and prevention by Batzner Pest Control - Serving New Berlin, Oshkosh, Racine, Kenosha, Madison and surrounding Southeast Wisconsin areas

Gutters – Remove leaves and other debris from gutters
Flowerpots – Pour out stagnant water from flowerpots and planters
Grill Cover – Make sure water isn’t gathering on top of the grill cover
Baby Pool – Don’t let water sit on baby pools for long periods of time
Birdbath – Frequently change out the water in birdbaths
Leaky Pipes – Repair any leaky pipes or faucets
Tires – Drill holes in the bottom of tire swings and wheel barrels to allow water to drain
Trash Cans – Ensure trash cans are tightly sealed and lids aren’t flipped upside down
Buckets – Remove water collecting in buckets and toys
Ponds – Keep swimming pools and ponds adequately treated.
Protect People & Animals
  1. Responsible use of insect repellent. Like anything you put on your skin, DEET can cause an allergic reaction in some people, but if it is applied as directed, most people will not have issues.
  2. Wear protective clothing. Limiting bare skin exposure by wearing long sleeved shirts and pants helps protect against mosquitoes.
  3. Limit your exposure. Because direct sunlight and dry heat can dehydrate mosquitoes, they are typically seen around dusk and dawn. Avoid untreated areas around nightfall and avoid shady areas during the day.

If you need a little extra help getting the mosquitoes under control in your yard, consider seeking help from a professional. Learn more about our Mosquito Program by calling us at 866-591-3519 or contacting us online if you have any questions.

How Rain Affects Mosquitoes and How to Protect Yourself in Wisconsin

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