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Commercial Pest Control Service Options

Serving all of Wisconsin

Since Commercial services can vary greatly, several factors are taken into consideration when creating a program, including the size and type of building, internal and external environments, as well as current and past pests. The flexibility of our programs ensures clients are receiving a customized program that best suits their business. Batzner utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices in all of our pest programs.

Specialty Services & Treatments

Batzner’s exclusive BAN™ Brand Protection program is an ongoing, contractual program customized to meet the needs of your unique property while providing ongoing prevention.

Each BAN program initial service starts with a thorough facility inspection inside and out*. Your customized program starts with the coverage of the following pests and is designed to meet additional, specific needs you require.

Depending on your needs, we can treat seasonally, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even multiple times a week. The frequency of our visits can always be adjusted based on your needs. Visits also may be scheduled between planned appointments if additional treatment is needed.

The ongoing BAN program is key for preventing reinfestations and keeping your business or property pest-free! Once we have eliminated an issue, it may look as though you are safe to discontinue professional pest control. Pests are smart – they often reappear when Batzner goes away.

*Length of service is varied based on business size and industry requirements.

Pests not covered under our BAN Brand Protection Program are considered Additional Services.

Sometimes all you need is a one-time service to clear up a pest issue. Call 800-878-2110 to discuss our service options.

What to Expect

  1. Upon contacting Batzner, an Account Executive will call you to schedule a free inspection.
  2. At your first meeting, your Account Executive will ask questions about the property’s pest history, requirements and desired results.
  3. They will thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your business, searching for causes and evidence of particular pests while identifying other areas where they see the potential for future pest issues. They will also assess any third party audit requirements that you may have.
  4. After they inspect and identify pest problems, they will make a recommendation to meet your specific needs and clearly explain how our services will be provided.
  5. Your Service Specialist will perform the service and provide a detailed Service Report explaining the steps we have taken towards pest prevention. If you see issues after service, we will come back free of charge.
Internal inspection:
  • Pest evidence such as physical damage or droppings
  • Food and water sources
  • Moisture issues such as leaking pipes        
  • Humid conditions
  • Sanitation & structural concerns
Exterior inspection:
  • Cracks or gaps in windows, siding, mortar, or foundation
  • Exterior entry points: door sweeps and pipes leading into structures
  • Roof deficiencies that can be seen from the ground
  • Landscape contributing to pest concerns, including harborage areas
  • Outdoor lighting

Cutting Edge Technology

Enhanced technology is necessary for proper account management and audit compliance. While some providers are still hand-writing reports, Batzner has implemented the most advanced industry CRM technology.

Your customer portal will provide web account access for reporting, trending, account information, invoices, condition reports and other needed tools with access for multiple users. Customized service and billing programs tailored to meet specific client requirements are also offered. Doing business with Batzner is easy and provides you with an efficient and cost effective work flow.

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Choosing the right pest control company can sometimes be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be; simply look for the QualityPro seal! For a free estimate, give us a call or contact us below.

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Commercial Pest Control Service Options in Wisconsin

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