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Batzner's Mosquito Program

Serving New Berlin and Oshkosh WI

Nothing ruins a barbeque, bonfire, or other outdoor activity quicker than a swarm of biting insects. Batzner Pest Control can help you combat the annoyance and danger that mosquitoes present to you and your family.

It's Your Turn to Bite Back

To get the very most out of your summer, call us today at (800) 878.2110 or contact us online to schedule today!

How it Works

Targeted Treatments
We treat mosquito breeding areas, not your entire yard. This limits chemical exposure to you and your family.

Single Treatment – Ideal for special events and extending the Three Month Treatment Package
Didn’t realize how bad the mosquito season would be this year? Single treatments are available – ideal for either extending the three month package, special events, or just to enjoy your yard mosquito-free for the rest of the summer. 

Three Month Treatment Package
Starting in June to correlate with mosquito breeding patterns, three monthly treatments will be scheduled for continuous protection. If you have concerns between services, call us for an additional visit free of charge (certain restrictions may apply). Additional treatments can be added to extend the program if treatment is necessary in May or September.

Commercial-Grade Products
We use a targeted application that provides treatment to common mosquitoes resting areas to eliminate the existing population, and an insect growth regulator that prevents mosquitoes from reproducing in your yard.

Existing Customers Receive $30 Off

If you are a current customer, get additional pest protection with the Mosquito Program for $30 off.

Frequently Asked Questions

One-time treatments are available; pricing is varied based on yard size. For optimal results, treatment will be provide as close to the event as possible. Get a free estimate.

Heavy rain or consistent days of rain may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment; however, the products we use are developed to combat this. Heat does not have an impact on the effectiveness.

  1. Reduce and eliminate stagnant water. The smallest amount of water allows mosquitoes to breed. Change water in birdbaths and pet bowls often. Eliminate standing water in items around the yard.
  2. Landscape maintenance. Adult mosquitoes rest during the day, usually on the under sides of vegetation.
  3. Responsible use of insect repellent. Apply as directed. Wearing long sleeved shirts and pants also help protect against mosquitoes.

Limit your exposure to untreated areas around nightfall and avoid shady areas. Eliminating mosquito breeding areas and following the DIY tips listed above may also help in mosquito reduction.

Let Us Help

Choosing the right pest control company can sometimes be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be; simply look for the QualityPro seal! For a free estimate, give us a call or contact us below.

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