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Lumnia: Lighting the Way in Fly Control

Serving New Berlin | Oshkosh | Milwaukee | Madison

Flies are considered pests due to the health and contamination risks they pose to humans, pets, livestock and goods. A small fly problem left uncontrolled has the potential to develop into a severe infestation in a matter of weeks as some fly species are able to mature from eggs to adults in just seven days.

The revolutionary Lumnia is the future of UV fly lights, offering a truly effective solution to monitor and control flying insects.

Lumnia UV Fly Lights

The Lumnia range uses unique glue boards to capture and kill flying insects quickly and efficiently. These insect light traps are suitable for a range of internal environments, as well as a wide variety of industries with specific requirements for highly effective fly control.

Unlike conventional devices, Lumnia brings peace of mind through proven efficacy and performance. Our proprietary insect light traps reduce the risk of contamination from flying insects and the fragmentation or blow out of dead pests, eliminating flies without the need for a catch tray and reducing unpleasant clean-up efforts needed.

This attractive product range provides aesthetic flexibility for business needs in both public-facing areas such as waiting rooms and hotel lobbies and in high-risk areas found in food retailers, commercial property management, food manufacturing, and pharmaceutical companies.

Lumnia Product Line

The Lumnia line consists of three models, which offer versatility for both front and back of house applications:

  • Lumnia Compact utilizes one LED bulb and is ideal for front of house applications
  • Lumnia Standard features two LED bulbs and integrates easily into businesses of all sizes
  • Lumnia Ultimate is designed with three-LED bulbs to meet the needs of high-dependency businesses and facilities that must meet strict food safety, regulatory compliance, and third-party audit standards
Lumnia Compact 
Lumnia Standard 
Lumnia Ultimate 
Model Number 300605304807300602
# of Lamps 123
Total Watts 112233 
Max Power Consumption 12W27W30W
Voltage Range100-240 Volt100-240 Volt 100-240 Volt
ApprovalUL ApprovedUL ApprovedUL Approved
Lamp Life3 Years 3 Years3 Years 
Energy Savings *Up to 61%Up to 40%

LED Lighting

Lumnia is the first range of insect light traps in the world to use LED lighting, reducing energy consumption up to 61% when compared to traps using traditional fluorescent tubes. Lumnia has three power levels, low, medium and high for different levels of light around the unit, so power usage can be reduced even further when a brighter light is not needed. Each power level can also have an adaptive mode which senses the level of light around the unit and reduces the power automatically if the light level falls, for example at night. The attractiveness of light to a fly depends on the relative intensity compared to the ambient light levels, not the absolute amount of light from the bulbs. Therefore, at night, and in low light levels, the power and the output of the LED bulbs can be reduced and still effectively attract flies.

The LEDs used in the Lumnia are designed to emit the wavelength of ultraviolet light that flies can see. The horizontal reach of UV light from a Lumnia unit is 40% greater than traditional fluorescent tubes. This gives Lumnia a greater range over which it is attractive to flies while reducing energy costs. 

Features & Benefits

Effective solution at a lower cost – High attraction output LED lamps are optimized to catch more flies while also reducing power consumption at your facility. The Lumnia insect light trap can save up to 61% of energy compared to equivalent competitors.
Optimized for attraction and catch rate – Lumnia is proven best in class and is the first LED unit that genuinely works. Versatile, modern designs to suit your location Lumnia’s proven performance reduces contamination risks and protects your reputation. The range consists of four high-performing units of a modern, seamless design, while offering lower glare from LEDs and reduced visibility of caught flies. Units also switch between Monitor and Control modes to suit customer and location requirements.
Environmentally friendly – The units have several energy modes that will adapt to day and night, reducing consumption and contributing to a lower environmental footprint. The low energy LED lamps have a three-year life span and use less energy to run than a standard insect light trap.


Additional Lumnia features allow for further customization to suit the unique needs of any business, including:

  • Adjustable light settings
  • Active lighting mode adapts output based on ambient light, further reducing energy consumption
  • Modular design allows for either glueboard or encapsulation
  • Control or monitoring mode selection, based on flying insect activity level, using less energy in monitoring mode

Lumnia Targets the Following Pests:

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Fly control with Lumnia and Batzner Pest Control

The Lumnia range of fly control solutions is used to ensure you have effective, long-term protection from flies for your business. Contact Batzner to book your free inspection today.

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Lumnia: Lighting the Way in Fly Control in Wisconsin

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