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Spring brings so much to look forward to. However, in addition to the blooms and warm weather, spring also brings all kinds of insect population resurgences in Wisconsin. We often associate spring with bees, as they are important pollinators that facilitate plant growth and sustain all kinds of animals through the fall. But where do bees go in the winter? Keep reading to learn more about what happens to bees in the winter with Batzner Pest Control!

Do Bees Hibernate Like Other Animals?

It’s likely you’ve noticed a considerable reduction in bee activity around your home during the winter if you normally see them in the spring and summer. You might wonder, where do bees go in the winter if there is nothing to pollinate? This actually depends on the species of bee! These are three ways that different kinds of bees cope with cold weather in Wisconsin:

  • Bumblebees: When the weather becomes inhospitable, bumblebees die off, but the queen survives the winter to repopulate in the spring. Overwintering queens dig holes in the ground or find shelter in hollow logs, nests, and compost piles. Each spring, they have to start over from scratch, building a new colony.
  • Honey bees: The male honey bees die off during the winter, but the female bees return to their hive to huddle around the queen and vibrate to keep warm. They survive off the honey gathered during their active seasons.
  • Carpenter bees: Carpenter bees are more solitary bees that attempt to survive the winter through hibernation. They wait out the winter in abandoned nest tunnels from spring.

How to Prepare for Bees During Winter

Having bees around your yard is sometimes a pleasant experience, but if you have too many, they might nest in your home’s structure or build nests very close to your door, which can be problematic. In order to keep bees from entering your home during the spring, here are some preventative measures you can take during the winter:

  1. Seal cracks around the outside of your home that lead to the attic or openings in the walls
  2. Consider planting flowers further away from your home
  3. Keep your lawn and plants cut short to avoid overgrowth that bees can nest in
  4. Fill in holes animals dig in your yard so bees and other insects can’t nest in them
  5. Keep outdoor trash and recycling bins covered, preferably with sealable lids

Need Help Preventing Bees?

If you suffer from bee problems in Wisconsin year after year, it’s time to contact your local pest control company. During the winter months, our bee removal professionals at Batzner Pest Control can inspect your property to identify vulnerable spots you missed, and during the spring and summer, they can visit to remove unsafe nests. Contact us today for a free quote on stinging insect control!

Where Do Bees Go in the Winter? in Wisconsin

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