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No one wants to have to share their home with rats. Unfortunately, all through the colder months here in Wisconsin, rats are looking to make their way into our homes for food, warmth, and shelter. If you don’t take steps to prevent their arrival before the cold sets in, you may find yourself amidst a bustling rat infestation. Whether you think you’ve heard rustling in your walls and crawl spaces or you have already found evidence of rats living inside your house, it’s important to learn all about the ways that rats operate to keep them out of your house going forward. Read on to learn more about how rodents infest residential areas and where they like to hide from the Batzner Pest Control team!

Why Are There Rats in My House?

Although rats in Wisconsin are capable of growing larger than we would like them to, they still have the ability to squeeze through tiny holes—sometimes as small as a quarter! If they can’t find a good gap in your walls and windows or any cracks in your foundation and siding, rats can rely on their climbing skills to get into our houses. Rats are capable of scaling wood, concrete, drywall, stucco, and many more surfaces. Roof rats are particularly notorious for climbing up our walls and jumping onto our roofs to find ways into our attics. Because of their ability to sneak inside from above, rats can establish a breeding population in our attics and crawl spaces without us even noticing.

Where Do Rats Hide Inside?

We’ve established that rats are able to sneak inside with ease, but where are their most common hiding places? These are the 5 most likely places you’ll find rats inside your home:

  1. Attics and lofts: Your attic likely has insulation for rats to make nests out of.
  2. Kitchens: Our kitchens provide rats with heat from many different electrical appliances.
  3. Laundry rooms: Laundry rooms can provide warmth and moisture for rats to capitalize on.
  4. Walls: This is usually a sign of a larger infestation.
  5. Garages: Rats find easy nesting opportunities among clutter and stored items.

Rodent Season in Wisconsin

In the cold of Wisconsin, rodents are left looking for warm places to take shelter for many months out of the year. As we get closer to spring, we still have to watch out for rats looking to infest our homes. Whether your home is teeming with rodents or you’re just looking for prevention advice, reach out to your local pest control company. Our team at Batzner Pest Control has decades of experience defending residential properties from rodent infestations. Contact us today for a free quote!

Rats in Residential Areas in Wisconsin

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