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Relief sets in across Wisconsin every year as the frigid winter recedes into spring. We’re all excited about spending more time outside, but unfortunately, so are the many bugs and wild animals living in our region. Looking to learn how to keep your backyard pest-free* this spring and summer? Read on for 10 top tips we’ve gathered from our expert technicians here at Batzner Pest Control!

10 Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Backyard

Even when it’s still cold and dreary out, it’s important to start pest-proofing your backyard to make sure it isn’t overrun with pests come spring and summer. We’ve put together our 10 best pest control tips for you to consider when getting your backyard ready for the warmer seasons:

  1. Trim your plants: When you let your trees, bushes, and shrubs grow out of control, you allow shaded hiding places to host pests like ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. Take care of your plants to prevent unnecessary pest shelters.
  2. Look out for standing water: Pools of standing water often build up in our gutters, planters, divots in our landscapes, and more. If you find still water pooling anywhere in your yard, pour it out or cover it to prevent mosquito breeding grounds.
  3. Mow your lawn weekly: Lawn overgrowth can trap moisture and provide shelter, creating a bug haven below the blades. Mow regularly to keep lawn pests out.
  4. Dethatch your lawn: While a thin layer of thatch helps insulate your lawn, too much of it will choke out your grass and lead to pest infestations.
  5. Use garden netting: Your garden may be attracting more pests to your yard than you realize. Garden netting can protect plants and keep away bugs and wildlife looking for a free meal.
  6. Clear out yard waste: From heaps of leaves to stray sticks and branches, yard waste on the ground can create temporary shelters for pests. Make sure to clean up your yard regularly to prevent hiding places.
  7. Keep firewood elevated and distanced: Termite infestations often start when someone leaves their woodpile leaned against their home or back deck. Use a firewood rack or a makeshift platform to keep your firewood off of the ground and away from your wooden structures.
  8. Close your bins: From wasps to raccoons, all sorts of pests try their luck looking for food in our trash cans. Make sure your bins are closed and keep them away from your yard if possible.
  9. Water your lawn properly: Because both overwatering and underwatering your lawn can lead to pest infestations, it can be very helpful to rely on an irrigation or sprinkler system to keep your lawn healthy and pest-free*.
  10. Hire an exterminator: An experienced exterminator can figure out why you’re dealing with pest problems and create a plan to put a stop to them.

Pest Control for your Backyard in Wisconsin

If you’ve tried everything you can think of and are still dealing with pests, tell your local pest control company about your problems. Our team at Batzner Pest Control can come out to assess your property for vulnerabilities and problem areas, putting together a plan to get rid of all active pests and keep them away for good. Reach out today for a free quote!

10 Tips for Backyard Pest Control in Wisconsin

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