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Warehouses can be an attractive environment for many pests. The large, open layouts of warehouse facilities provide ample hiding spots for pests, such as corners, cracks, crevices, and drains, where they will nest, feed, and reproduce. Additionally, open doors and loading docks create easy entry points for pests, while frequent shipments and deliveries can unknowingly transport new pests into your space, leading to rapid infestations. With their busy schedules, warehouse workers may often overlook early signs of pest infestations, which makes working with a pest control company specializing in commercial pest management crucial.

Common Pests in Warehouses

Some pests can infest a warehouse quickly, which creates many challenges when it comes to pest treatment and management. Whether you’re an owner, manager, or employee of a warehouse, it is important to be aware of common pests that could potentially infest and disrupt your facility. Below are some of the most common pests found in warehouse environments and the problems they can cause:


Cockroaches are known to carry bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. They can also leave fecal matter, leading to odor issues and unsightly stains on surfaces such as walls, floors, and equipment. These widely detested pests can infiltrate warehouses and businesses through shipments and deliveries, thriving on or in materials commonly present in warehouses, like cardboard boxes and wood. Due to their preference for dark and secluded areas, cockroach infestations can often go unnoticed until their population has reached critical levels.


 Birds like to create nests and perches in the high ceilings, rafters, and exposed beams in warehouses. Their chirping and flying through the facility can be distracting and unsettling for your employees, while their droppings pose contamination risks to products and equipment. Bird droppings carry pathogens that can potentially cause a variety of diseases. Unwanted birds can disrupt warehouse operations, impede productivity, and tarnish your business’s reputation. Certain bird species are protected and must be handled by an expert, making it critical to work with a pest control or bird control specialist for proper identification before attempting to get rid of them.


Commensal rodents, such as rats and mice, can infiltrate warehouses through tiny openings as small as a quarter (for rats) or a dime (for mice), depending on the specific species. Like cockroaches, rodents quickly reproduce leading to large infestations rapidly. They will leave behind unhygienic droppings and are known to carry a variety of pathogens, causing various diseases, posing contamination risks to products and equipment, and potentially endangering the health of workers, customers, and visitors. Additionally, rodent gnawing can damage structures, electrical wiring, equipment, and product packaging. Their presence creates an unpleasant work environment, and addressing rodent issues can disrupt warehouse schedules, productivity, and efficiency.


Flies can infiltrate warehouses through openings such as doors, windows, and cracks, causing irritation to employees and visitors with their incessant buzzing and, depending on the species, biting. They can carry pathogens responsible for diseases, contributing to the spread of foodborne illnesses. Controlling fly populations can be challenging, especially since tiny fly larvae thrive in many areas within warehouses, including floor drains, trash bins, and recycling containers. Large flies are commonly found during the warm weather when they are most active and reproducing. In contrast, small flies are nuisances throughout the year, often entering the warehouses on produce or coming from multiple breeding sites throughout the facility, making detection and elimination difficult.


Wildlife pests, including raccoons, squirrels, bats, and other small animals, commonly seek shelter and warmth inside warehouse facilities. They not only disrupt and scare workers and visitors but also leave behind hazardous droppings and can cause extensive damage to structures and property, potentially impacting your business’s reputation.

In addition to the many issues caused by pests, their presence can violate compliance and regulatory standards in some industries. Partnering with a commercial pest control company is important to maintain a hygienic manufacturing facility. Batzner Pest Control offers tailored, efficient pest control solutions for warehouses with minimal disruption to your facility’s operations. We employ proactive prevention measures and monitor pest activity to ensure that pests are gone for good. At Batzner Pest Control, we also provide training for your staff on identifying and addressing potential pest issues to prevent pest problems.

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What Are Some Common Pests Found In Warehouses? in Wisconsin

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