Ant trail forming in a bathroom

All kinds of pests are emerging with the warm summer weather here in Wisconsin, but ants are some of the most persistent of these. We’ve all dealt with ant trails in our homes before. Many of us have also had the frustrating experience of trying countless times to put a stop to our ant infestation, only to have them return again. Why is it that ants are so hard to finally get rid of?

Ants are as ceaseless as they are for a few different reasons. It’s important to make yourself aware of these reasons so that you can properly defend your home against them. To learn all about at-home ant control, read on for advice from our experts at Batzner Pest Control!

Why is My DIY Ant Control Falling Short?

The problem with most DIY ant control approaches is that they ignore the source of the problem in favor of attacking its symptoms. Although your natural reaction to finding an ant trail in your home will likely be to get rid of the visible ants as soon as possible, squashing or spraying your ants with a store-bought spray will be negligible or even harmful in the long run. This is because ants release a pheromone signal as they die that warns their colony members of a dangerous site to avoid. The other ants in their colony will divert their intrusion to take different pathways into your home. Given that ants are so small and sneaky, your home is probably littered with access points they can use!

Reliable Ways to Keep the Ants Out

You’re probably curious as to what measures you should take to get rid of ants if you can’t squash or spray them. These are the steps we recommend you take to keep ants out in the first place:

  • Follow their trail: Your first step in ant control should be to look for the source of your ant trail. If you can trace it back to the point at which they are entering your home, you can block it off with caulk, screens, or a citrus-based cleaning solution.
  • Stop access to food and water: Ants are often looking for crumbs, spills, and moisture in our homes, so being haphazard with your food and spills will keep ants coming back for more. Make sure to keep your food stowed away properly and keep your bathroom well-ventilated.
  • Hire a professional: The best way to prevent ant infestations in the long run is to work with an expert to identify anthills on your property. A pro ant control technician can trace your trail back to its source and exterminate the colony on sight.

Expert Home Ant Control in Wisconsin

If you can’t figure out how to shut down your ant infestation, it’s best to leave the work to professional ant exterminators. Our ant exterminators at Batzner Pest Control are closely familiar with all of the ant species in Wisconsin. We can set up an ant control plan that eliminates all active colonies on your property and teach you how to stop ants on your own in the future. Reach out today for a free quote!

Why Are Ants Still Coming Back Inside? in Wisconsin

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