Drain Line Maintenance Solutions

Batzner's drain line management solutions, including bioremediation, save time and money and keep your business free from clogs and odors in drains.

What is Bioremediation? 

It is an innovative technology, which uses live microorganisms injected into drain lines to maintain and ensure proper function. These live microorganisms digest fat, oil and grease and convert them into water and carbon dioxide. 

The process helps to keep your drains clear and save your business from common problems that can develop from badly maintained drains. Specifically tailored for the food service industry, bioremediation is a part of Batzner’s innovative Integrated Pest Management program that will help save time and money. 

Bioremediation saves time, money and protects your reputation by:

  • Reducing drain-related odors
  • Reducing small fly (fruit fly, moth fly, phorid fly) breeding sites
  • Eliminating drain problems that can lead to pest problems
  • Increasing drain flow capacity
  • Reducing outdoor grease interceptor pumping frequency by at least 50%

Common Concerns


Small Flies - Grease and organic buildup in drains and under equipment are primary feeding and breeding sites for small flies.



Drain Line Buildup - Through constant use, grease and organic matter accumulate inside pipes and reduce flow capacity.



Odors - Organic matter in drains decompose and create odors in your food service facility.



Grease Interceptor Maintenance - Grease interceptors fill quickly, requiring frequent pumping and higher expense.

Flexible Service Options

Specifically tailored for the food service industry, bioremediation is part of Batzner's innovative Integrated Pest Management program that ensures your facility is pest-free and maximizes the use of one vendor to increase efficiency and results. Services include:

Drain Line Injection Service

undefinedA battery operated automatic injection system is installed and maintained to reduce the amount of grease in the main drain line below the sink. This system releases naturally occurring microbes every 14 minutes to digest fats, oils, and grease and organic buildup in main drain lines. The number of systems necessary is dependent on the daily usage of the sink.

Floor and Beverage Drain Service

undefinedReduces small fly breeding sites and drain related odors by treating floor and beverage drains.

Small Fly Service

This service provides spot treatments in cracks and crevices, under kitchen equipment, missing grout, broken tile, etc. using a biological additive to digest organic matter and reduce drain related odors. It also reduces small fly breeding sites, placing a detailed focus on the control of fruit flies, drain flies and phorid flies that plague the bar areas of eating and drinking establishments.

Full-Service Bioremediation

undefinedThis service combines the main drain line injection system treatment as well as treatment to the floor and beverage drains. It also provides treatment and monitoring of outdoor grease interceptor. The customer is notified of measurements and when the interceptor needs to be pumped.

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