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How do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Carpet?

It’s hard to get rid of bed bugs living in your carpet without professional help. However, there are options for DIY bed bug removal that you can try on your carpets and rugs.

You can try these things to get rid of bed bugs in your carpet:

  1. Use a vacuum with a sealable bag.
  2. Lay out diatomaceous earth where you will vacuum.
  3. Vacuum the area two or three times over.
  4. Repeat the above steps as necessary.
  5. Remove the vacuum bag outside and seal it. 
  6. Clean the carpet by steam clean or shampoo for extra power.
How to get bed bugs out of carpet? | New Berlin WI | Batzner Pest Control

Cleaning Bed Bug-Infested Carpets

If you have bed bugs currently, you’re probably wondering how you can clean every inch of your house. Although bed bugs like to live in mattresses and similar furniture, they often infest our carpets! Instead of burrowing inside, they will remain close to the surface, which makes it easier to vacuum them up. When you follow our steps from above, you can reduce the amount of bed bugs in your home. Remember to be careful when dealing with bed bugs and always call an exterminator when your infestation gets out of hand.

Are These Bed Bugs or Carpet Beetles?

Bed bugs are often mistaken for carpet beetles, and vice versa. So, how can you tell if the bugs in your carpet are bed bugs or carpet beetles? You can best tell apart these bugs by their appearance in their larval stages. As larvae, carpet beetles look like little fuzzy caterpillars, while bed bugs look longer and more worm-like. Either way, you can clean the carpet to get rid of the bugs.

Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning After Bed Bugs?

If you’ve hired a professional bed bug exterminator to treat your home, you can trust that the infestation has been dealt with. Regardless, it can give you peace of mind to have a professional carpet cleaning company take care of your rugs and carpets after an infestation. High heat and steam work well to kill off any lingering bed bugs.

How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Carpet? in Wisconsin

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