The threats to a business posed by birds are not as well-known as those from mice or cockroaches, but they can be equally as damaging. As the weather warms, you will likely experience more and more birds at your business on ledges and rooftops, in nearby trees, or just hanging out in the parking lot. It is important to stay well-informed and vigilant of these birds in order to protect yourself and your employees as well as your business’ physical property, reputation, and bottom line.

The physical damage caused by birds can be extensive, and very expensive to clean up and repair. For example, pigeon droppings, carcasses, and nesting materials are heavy and can clog drains. If left unchecked, this causes the potential for a roof to collapse due to water not draining off properly. Additionally, the acidity of bird droppings can do great damage to air conditioning equipment and machinery, and can strip the paint from siding and vehicles.

The physical damage and other bird activity can also affect your business’ image and reputation. Nesting in store signs, droppings on sidewalks and customers’ vehicles, and dive-bombing by territorial birds reflects poorly on your business for obvious reasons, and can discourage customers from returning. The last thing you want is for your business to be more associated with the number of gulls in your parking lot than for the great work you do!

Most importantly, birds need to be kept under control due to the health risks that they present for your employees and customers. Birds’ nests and droppings host a large number of parasites and diseases that can be passed to humans. These include harbor ticks, fleas, mites, salmonella, histoplasmosis, encephalitis, and meningitis, among many others. It is also dangerous for employees to be unknowingly working with equipment that has been contaminated.

You can help limit these issues by patching and/or screening all outside openings or cleaning up food debris, but you also must be mindful when it comes to bird management since many species are protected. If your business is experiencing issues with birds, call 866-591-3519 or fill out a form online and a representative will be able assist you. Batzner offers the best line of defense against birds and other pests.

The Importance of Bird Management For Your Business

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