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Keeping Rats and Mice Out of Your Yard

Rodents in the yard may not seem like a big deal, but an influx of rats or mice in your garden can quickly spread to the inside of your home. So if you want to keep rodents from living in your walls, attic, or crawl spaces, a crucial first step is to get them away from your home’s exterior. The most important ways to keep rats and mice out of your yard are:

  • Securing garbage bins and keeping them away from the structure of your home
  • Clearing out yard waste and pruning your trees
  • Keeping any woodpiles off the ground and away from your home 
  • Ensuring sheds or outdoor structures are in good repair.
How To Keep Rats Out Of Your Yard | Batzner Pest Control

Why Are There Rats In My Yard?

There are many natural predators around Wisconsin that prey on rodents, so rats and mice are always looking for a safe place to shelter. If this shelter is adjacent to a steady food source, then they’ll try to stay there for as long as possible. Rodents usually take up residence in your yard before moving inside the home. This could be woodpiles or gathered yard waste, or it may be sheds – or even cars.

How to Keep Mice Out Of Car Engine Compartments

When it’s cold in Wisconsin we’re all looking for a warm place to curl up in. For many rodents they may find exactly that in the engine compartment of your car. If you start your car and smell a foul odor coming from your air vents, or if you find droppings on the floor, those are both signs that there may be rats or mice under your hood. 

You can prevent this using two strategies: placing deterrents inside your car like cedarwood or mouse traps, or by keeping the hood propped open when not in use to keep it cold.

The Best Way to Keep Rats Out of Your Yard

As you read this, your property may have any number of vulnerabilities that rats can take advantage of. You might not be able to address them all on your own, and that’s okay. The trained and experienced rodent experts at Batzner can inspect your home or business from every angle and figure out exactly what you need to keep rats and mice away. To learn more, contact us today!

How to Keep Rats Out of Your Yard in Wisconsin

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