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Are rat bait stations safe?

One of the most popular rodent removal tools for homes and businesses in Wisconsin are bait stations. Unlike a snapping trap, bait stations work by distributing a toxic bait to rats in the surrounding area. They may eat the food, or they may bring it back to the nest. Either way, you’ll eventually end up with a colony of dead and dying rats. Bait stations work, but they aren’t entirely safe without the help of a professional technician.

Are Rat Bait Stations Safe? | Batzner Pest Control

How do rat bait stations work?

Rats are always looking for food, and rat bait stations offer a tempting trick to these hungry pests. The bait inside smells and looks like rat food, but it’s laced with toxic chemicals. When they ingest it, or if they bring it back to their nest to eat as a group, it’s only a matter of days before they’re all dead.

The Downsides of Rat Bait Stations

Bait stations are not only toxic to rats and mice. Pets and humans, especially children, are vulnerable to accidental poisoning. That’s why it’s so important to keep bait stations stored in a place where smaller parties can get into it. Placement is important for more reasons, as while bait stations are effective, they only work if they’re installed where rats will find them.

Professional Alternatives to Rodent Bait Stations

We always suggest relying on a rodent control company like Batzner Pest Control to handle rodent infestations. Our team has been eradicating pests big and small for over 70 years, and we know how to keep things safe as well as efficient. We can install and monitor a bait station exactly where it needs to be, or create a more targeted approach. To learn more and get started, contact us today!

Are Rat Bait Stations Safe? in Wisconsin

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