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Best way to get rid of mice

Mice are some of the hardest pests to get rid of in [City]. They’re small and elusive, and able to squeeze into holes as small as 5mm wide. And when you hear them scurrying in your wall voids or up in the attic it can be incredibly frustrating. You may be tempted to try and solve the mouse problem on your own, using such methods as: 

  • Snap and bait traps
  • Filling gaps with steel wool or covering them with tape
  • Using essential oils or a hot pepper solution
  • Getting a cat!
Best Way To Get Rid Of Mice | Batzner Pest Control

Can You Get Rid of Mice on Your Own?

Every mouse infestation is a little different, and because of that treatment works on a case-by-case basis. A lot of it depends on where the mice got in from. If they’re trying to get into your kitchen, for instance, you can spray essential oils or hot pepper solutions to deter them. Once you find any potential entry points you can cover them for a temporary barrier. If you need help finding these vulnerabilities, cats are incredibly skilled at sniffing out mouse activity!

Dangers of DIY Mouse Removal

Mice are not only difficult to treat, they can also be dangerous. They can carry diseases that are potentially fatal if passed to humans or pets. Because of that, you want to avoid catching mice with your bare hands at all costs. Wear gloves if removing dead mice from snap traps, and when setting up other mouse traps be aware of the chemicals you may be exposing yourself to. Whenever possible, we suggest keeping your treatments non-toxic. Even better, we suggest leaving mice and rodent control as a whole to a team of trained professionals.

Reliable Mice Removal in Wisconsin

In every case, we believe that rodent control is easier and more effective when done by a trained technician like the ones at Batzner Pest Control. Since 1946 we have been treating homes and businesses for pests and nuisance wildlife. With all that experience, you can trust us to use the techniques and technology you need to be rodent-free for good. For safe and comprehensive treatment of rats or mice, contact us today!

Best Way to Get Rid of Mice in Wisconsin

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