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Bed Bug Treatment Options

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As soon as bed bugs are discovered in your home or business, we will talk you through our highly effective bed bug treatment options. Which treatment we recommend depends on the number of infested rooms, how widespread the pests are, costs, and other case-dependent factors. We offer both bed bug heat treatment as well as conventional bed bug treatment options. Whichever route is determined to be best for your unique infestation, you can be sure we will get rid of bed bugs in your property once and for all.

How to Prepare for Treatment

Thoroughly preparing for your bed bug treatment is crucial for a successful treatment. Plan for people and pets to vacate the building, treat clothing and fabrics in the dryer, store personal items (such as books or toys) in airtight bins, and follow all other instructions on the preparation checklists and from your bed bug exterminator. Check out our guides on preparing for conventional treatment as well as how to prepare for bed bug heat treatment!

Conventional Treatments for Bed Bugs

Conventional bed bug treatments use a concentrated application to specific locations where bed bugs are found. This technique usually takes three applications that are scheduled two weeks apart to coincide with the bed bug reproduction and incubation cycles. Conventional bed bug treatment is best for multiple units that are infested and cases where there is a high risk for re-infestation. Some of the pros and cons of this bed bug treatment option are:

  • Minimal preparation is required for the first service
  • Very effective when done correctly
  • Typically the more affordable treatment
  • Provides residual action against bed bugs, which helps eliminate any bed bugs that come across the area weeks later
  • However, repeat treatments are usually necessary and certain items can’t be treated such as computers or clothing

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Industrial heat thermal extermination is a highly effective treatment option for controlling an infestation. It’s best suited for situations when a chemical-free solution is desired. It also provides the quickest results. We prefer to use bed bug heat treatments for heavy infestations and to treat more unconventional areas. This treatment option is also optimal for small areas including apartments, dorm rooms, condos, and more. Some of the pros and cons of this bed bug treatment option are:

  • Eliminates all stages from egg to adult
  • Achieves results in a single treatment
  • Eliminates bed bugs that are resistant to chemical treatment
  • Non-chemical and non-toxic
  • The main disadvantage is that residents must vacate the area for about 6-12 hours. It also tends to cost more.

Wisconsin’s Best Bed Bug Treatment Options

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs, it’s crucial to ensure you are using the most effective bed bug treatment available. At Batzner Pest Control, our bed bug specialists will work with you to determine which bed bug treatment option is best for your unique infestation. For more information or for a FREE quote, contact our team today!

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Bed Bug Treatment Options in Wisconsin

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