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Bird Control Services

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Using leading technology, our bird control experts provide customized solutions to address bird concerns specific to your situation, specializing in bird pest control and deterrence.

Bird Concerns

Some bird species are considered a real nuisance for businesses by entering loading bay areas or damaging roofing. Birds are known to create the following issues:

  • Cause property damage by dislodging roof tiles, blocking guttering, building nests and leaving droppings that corrode materials
  • Be aggressive and attack customers and employees, especially during the breeding season when they are defending their young
  • Carry fleas, mites, ticks, lice and other biting insects which can spread diseases and pose a serious health risk

Adopting expert bird control measures sooner rather than later will ensure your business is protected against the hazards associated with pest birds.

Bird Deterrents

Effective bird control requires the use of reliable and tested professional deterrents to ensure a long term solution to any pest bird problem. Factors which determine the best method of control include: area of application, bird species, location, access.

Bird netting can provide an immediate, effective and discreet solution to rid an area of bird problems. Our nets are designed to provide 100% exclusion of birds. They aim to eliminate pest birds from roosting and nesting in areas. Each bird netting job is unique and our solutions can be customized to suit your bird control needs.

Benefits of Bird Nets
Immediate solution – birds will be forced to move on to another location.
Customizable – our bird specialists can custom install the netting to meet your property’s specifications.
Guaranteed – netting has a 10 year guarantee.
Cost-effective – bird nets offer long-term value bird control without harming the birds.

Using bird spikes can offer an immediate and effective solution to rid an area of pest bird species. Our bird spike systems are installed by our expert bird control specialists, who have extensive local experience and are trained on the very best technologies and processes.

Benefits of Bird Spikes
Discreet – offers an effective and barely visible control method to keep your property in prime condition and protect your staff and customers.
Materials guarantee – our bird deterrent products are offered with a 3 to 5 year guarantee to help you enjoy peace of mind into the future too.
Cost-effective – this method offers long-term value bird control for your business, saving on cleaning and maintenance bills.
Harmless & Non-Disruptive – this deterrent does not harm pest birds or disrupt your business.

(Note: Bird spikes will not work on smaller birds)

How it Works

This remarkably effective system consists of stainless steel springs and wires. Wires are tightly fixed between stainless steel pillars. Spikes can be fitted to most outside surfaces, preventing problems associated with birds landing on ledges and leaving unsightly, hazardous droppings.

Batzner’s electric bird deterrent, called Bird Jolt Flat Track, is a cost-effective and discreet solution to keep pest birds away. The system can be used as a deterrent on any flat surface to completely exclude birds and prevent damage to your property. It is ideal for use on parapets, roof peaks, beams, ledges etc.

Benefits of Electronic Bird Deterrents
Humane – the intermittent shock does not hurt the birds; it simply teaches them to stay away, long term.
Flexible – conforms to any surface shape.
Virtually invisible – only 6mm high and available in a variety of colors to match the structure. Bird Jolt Flat Track is hard to notice close up and virtually invisible from a distance.
Long-lasting – made from stabilized PVC and stainless steel.
How it Works
  • A charger sends out a harmless yet noticeable pulse down the ‘track’ every two to three seconds.
  • This electric pulse lasts only a fraction of a second.
  • The birds are not harmed, but they do learn that the protected surface is to be avoided in the future.
Bird netting eliminates access to areas - Expert bird control by Batzner Pest Control in Wisconsin - Serving New Berlin, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Racine and surrounding areas
Bird netting roof by Batzner pest control in Wisconsin - Serving New Berlin, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Racine and surrounding areas
Bird spikes on roof by Batzner Pest Control in Wisconsin - Serving New Berlin, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Racine and surrounding areas
Electronic bird deterrent at Batzner Pest Control in Wisconsin - Serving New Berlin, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Racine and surrounding areas

Diseases Carried by Birds

Professional bird control is not only critical to avoid damage to your property but also to minimize the health risks posed by the presence of certain birds. Birds are well known to carry a range of diseases and are hosts to other insect pests. Humans can develop symptoms similar to influenza from being in contact with or inhaling of air-borne fungi bird droppings. It is important to act at the first sign of a bird infestation to avoid these associated health hazards.

SalmonellaThis bacterium is deposited where pigeons or gulls defecate. It can lead to Salmonellosis and Paratyphoid fever.
PsittacosisAlso called Ornithosis or pigeon fancier’s lung. This infection can be transmitted by inhaling the bacteria from dried droppings or handling feathers of infected pigeons or seagulls.
Fowl pestKnown also as fowl plague or Newcastle disease. This virus can be transmitted to people when they’re exposed to fecal matter and other excretions from infected pigeon birds.
Escherichia coli (E.Coli)Mainly spread by seagulls, it can lead to illnesses such as gastro-enteritis and septicaemia.
Fungal infectionsInclude Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcosis and are carried within bird droppings from seagulls.

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