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Can Pets Spread Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs do not live on our pets like fleas do. This means that dogs, cats, and other pets will not spread bed bugs in our homes. That being said, bed bugs will infest our pets’ beds!

Pets may not spread them, but will bed bugs bite our pets?

  • Bed bugs prefer humans, but will also bite small animals.
  • Bed bugs will not live on your pets’ bodies.
  • Bed bug bites on your pets will cause tiny red bumps and will usually be in places where they have less hair, like their bellies or their limbs.
  • If you’re noticing scratching or itching from your pets, check for signs of bed bug bites.
Can pets spread bed bugs? | New Berlin WI | Batzner Pest Control

Are Bed Bugs Harmful to Our Pets?

Bed bugs will rarely go after your pets because they are usually after humans. In the rare cases where your pets start showing bed bug bite symptoms, be sure to inspect your home for signs of bed bugs. Look for shed exoskeletons around their bedding and live bed bugs in the seams of their beds. If you do find evidence, call an exterminator right away.

Can Dogs Get Bed Bugs While Outside?

It would be very rare for a dog to pick up bed bugs while outside. Bed bugs have a very difficult time surviving outside. If your neighbor is going through a bed bug infestation, you should not worry about them being transferred to your home by your dog. Bed bug spread when carried from one property to another through suitcases, backpacks, or other bags. They will not travel like fleas on your dog.

How to Protect Your Pets from Bed Bugs in Wisconsin

If you have bed bugs, make sure to check your pet’s bedding for activity. You can wash your pet’s bedding the same way as your own, by washing the items on the hottest temperature setting in the washing machine. This will take care of any active bed bugs or eggs in the bedding. In any case, you should always have an exterminator take care of your infestation. You will have to remove your pet from your home when the exterminator comes. After your treatment, your exterminator will tell you any precautions to take with your dog or cat.

Can Pets Spread Bed Bugs? in Wisconsin

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