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Bed Bug Prevention

To keep bed bugs out of your home, you have to be wary of used items, take caution when traveling, and learn the signs of an infestation.

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Bed bugs can easily spread between apartment units. Make sure to have a cover on your mattress and tell your landlord about signs of bed bugs.

Student housing results in bed bug problems every year. Make sure to check suitcases and dorm rooms for bed bugs while moving in or out.

While all-natural bed bug control methods will not take out an entire infestation, some may help to prevent them. Diatomaceous earth and essential oils are common choices.

Infestations are often started by bringing infested used furniture into the home. Be sure to thoroughly inspect secondhand goods before bringing them in.

Be sure to check for signs of bed bugs while traveling. When you return home, thoroughly clean out your suitcase. 

Bed bugs rarely hang on to your dogs or cats. However, they have been known to infest pet bedding, so check there often to prevent an infestation.

To keep bed bugs from spreading in your home, avoid moving your infested furniture and move bedding and clothes to the washer in sealed bags.

You can avoid bed bugs by learning where they like to live, the signs of their presence, and preventative tactics.

Everyone is at risk for a bed bug infestation! People who have traveled recently, live in apartments or dorms, or have bought used items are more vulnerable.