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Who's At Risk of Getting Bed Bugs in Wisconsin?

Since their great comeback in the 1990s, everyone is capable of getting bed bugs. People who visit populated areas like hotels, schools, office buildings, dorms, movie theaters, and apartments are especially likely to pick up bed bugs.

The people who are most at risk for bed bugs are:

  • Travelers
  • College students
  • Used furniture buyers
  • Anyone who has been to infested places
Who's at risk of getting bed bugs in Wisconsin? | New Berlin WI | Batzner Pest Control

Bed bugs and hotels

With more people traveling worldwide, there are more opportunities for the spread of bed bugs. Hotels are a hotspot for bed bugs. It works for them because they are always provided with hosts and other rooms to spread to. Bed bugs in just one hotel room can quickly turn into an entire hotel teeming with bed bugs.

To avoid taking home bed bugs from a hotel, read reviews before you decide where to stay. Additionally, make sure that the mattress and furniture in your room have no signs of bed bugs. Always be sure to store your suitcase off of the ground to prevent easy bed bug spreading.

Bed Bugs in College Dorm Rooms

Bed bugs like dorm rooms just like they love hotels. With so many people close together in one space, bed bugs can spread like wildfire in student housing units. The last thing a college student needs is a bed bug infestation in their room, so you have to teach them to report signs of an infestation early. When they come home for the holidays or a vacation, make sure that their suitcase is free of bed bugs.

Why Anyone is liable for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs will hide and breed anywhere they can find a place to feed. Even worse, they can last for a whole year without a food source! Bed bugs are opportunists and will try to travel to new places to find food. Even if you think you’ve done everything you can to avoid bed bugs, you should always know how to point out signs of an infestation and take caution to avoid them.

Who’s At Risk of Getting Bed Bugs in Wisconsin? in Wisconsin

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