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How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites are known to be some of the itchiest bug bites around. Thankfully, they can usually be treated right in the comfort of your home. The most important thing to do to let bed bug bites heal is to resist the urge to scratch at them!

There are several things to remember in terms of treating bed bugs:

  • Bed bug bites will heal in one to two week’s time.
  • OTC pain relievers can be used to relieve swelling, pain, and itching.
  • Apply hydrocortisone to relieve itching and burning.
How to treat bed bug bites | New Berlin WI | Batzner Pest Control

3 Bed Bug Bite Treatment Tips

When it comes to bed bug bites, it’s important to treat them properly. As soon as you notice any bed bug bites on your limbs, wash the area with water and mild soap to help prevent infection. Leaving the soap on the site of the bites without rinsing can aid in itch relief. After these initial steps, here’s what you can do to promote healthy healing:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply an anti-itch cream that contains hydrocortisone.
  2. Use calamine lotion on bites to relieve itching. This can also help protect the skin as it heals from any rashes.
  3. Take OTC pain relievers to help with pain related to the bite. Similarly, take an oral antihistamine to help control any allergic reaction.

How Long Do Bed Bug Bites Last?

If you let the bite heal properly, a bed bug bite will heal in just a week or two. As tempting as it may be, it’s important to never scratch at the bites. Scratching can lengthen the healing process and make the symptoms even worse! For people that are more sensitive to insect bites, healing may take a little bit longer, but typically no more than a month. 

Can I Treat Bed Bug Bites at My Home?

Bed bug bites may be a nuisance and frustrating, but they typically heal quickly right in the comfort of your home. If at any time during the healing process the bites take a turn for the worse, always watch your symptoms carefully and consult a medical professional if needed. It’s also crucial to get in touch with your local bed bug pest control team to quickly get rid of the bed bug problem so you can stay safe from more bites!

How to Treat Bed Bug Bites in Wisconsin

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