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Does Washing Bedding and Clothing in High Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

Yes! This is one of the most effective methods of DIY bed bug control and bed bug extermination in general. Although it may not stop your entire infestation, it will help the bed bug problem.

Here’s how to get rid of bed bugs with a high heat wash:

  • Strip your bed of all sheets and gather any clothes you’re washing with them.
  • Transport all infested items to the washing machine in sealable bags, preferably plastic. 
  • Add your chosen detergent to the wash.
  • Wash all items at at least 140°F for over an hour and a half.
  • Quickly move all washed sheets and clothes to the dryer. Dry everything at the highest heat setting for at least half an hour.
Does washing bedding and clothing in high heat kill bed bugs? | New Berlin WI | Batzner Pest Control

Proper Cleaning for Bed Bugs in Wisconsin

So, what do you do once you find out you have bed bugs? One of the best ways to control your infestation is by washing any infested items in a high-heat wash. First, you have to sort your clothes. After sorting, place each pile into its own plastic bag. Seal these bags in order to safely transport them to the washing machine, preventing any potential spread.

Can Bed Bugs Live After A Cycle in the Washing Machine?

Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, are the most effective killers of bed bugs. Washing your bedding and clothing in hot water should kill off any bed bugs and bed bug eggs effectively. Make sure you are cautious when moving your infested items to the washing machine, though. Being haphazard could lead to the further spread of bed bugs!

Will Washing Bed Bug Infested Linens Work Every Time?

While washing and drying your clothes and bedding in hot temperatures is very effective, this method doesn’t help when it comes to certain areas of your home that may be infested. Getting rid of an entire infestation requires treatment that spans across the infested area. 

Does Washing Bedding and Clothing in High Heat Kill Bed Bugs? in Wisconsin

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